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  1. really just concerned about enhancing the quality of the proto ones but, I'm sure that's a long shot. thanks for the help. Here are the 2D Covers you asked for RetroGoonie & Styphelus...
  2. good lookin out. I have high quality for the USA set, just not overseas and protos. I appreciate that!
  3. Almost done my 32X pack! I've been releasing a ton of packs lately as you've seen. Just been in a creative mood as of late. What took the longest for this pack was the exclusive Megadrive 32X Pal and Japan cases as well as 2 out of 3 of the known prototypes. Didn't find good quality art for protos and had a tough time getting good scans for pal exclusives. I made do and ended up trying to create a template for the Pal ones that stayed close to the original so i'm fine with it. Here are some samples, thanks for your time!
  4. thanx and no doubt, i never stopped working
  5. Thanks I will check that out.
  6. i saw 1 3d pack in the downloads section. is that the pack that you are referring to? If not, i would love to see it.
  7. Working on alot of stuff lately. Wanted to share. I want the TurboGrafx/PCEngine to get the love it deserves. Thanks for your time.
  8. Thanks. Honestly, mostly just games that were some of my favs as a kid and others that i thought the art was just awesome. Thats how i chose games. I havent made game specific and most likely wont. Just system based. Im going to do regions too...there will be a megadrive europe theme, famicom....etc
  9. what's going on everybody? Been working on alot of stuff lately and wanted to share. Credits to AshuraX, Krakerman, and whoever else might have come up with the arcade monitor bezels. I borrowed that for these. If anyone takes offense, I apologize and I will take them down immediately if wanted to. If anyone is interested, i'm willing to share once I finish them. Here's a few I've worked on so far. Thanks for your time. NES (Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!) Super NES (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) Sega Master System (Alex Kidd in Miracle World) Sega Genesis (Streets of Rage 3) Sega Mega Drive Japan (Dahna)
  10. Thanks for the kind words everyone, im uploading version 1.0 in a few hours.
  11. @Dime333, thanks prepping a 1.0 release for it as we speak.
  12. Hey everyone. Been a while since I last shared anything. Sorry to anyone that sent me PMs that I havent answered. I simply didn't have the time to reply to them all. I did read, and I did listen. Here are some samples of cases I did for Mega Drive Japan. After I'm done this project I will be working on Mega Drive Europe. Thanks for your time. Sonic Crackers (Proto) Rocket Knight Adventures Ninja Gaiden (Proto) Monster World IV Advanced Busterhawk Gleylancer
  13. 6,318 downloads

    My pack contains 830 3D boxes. Some official, some custom. There are boxes for Retail, Unlicensed, Hacks, and Prototypes. Everything in the preview shots is my custom work. Update in the near future! Credits to Wally Wonka for some of the spines. Enjoy!
  14. Down the line i might make a pack of transparent .png logos i made for the covers. This way you can use them for wheels.
  15. Thanks Alot. Made them today. I was so upset about losing my previous work I almost decided not to restart the project.
  16. Hey everyone. A member asked me recently about the Famicom project I was working on a while back and sadly, I had to tell him that I lost the whole project due to a corrupted hdd He inspired me to start over...and possibly fresh. Here are some samples. Thanks for your time.
  17. I've decided to release my Nes this weekend. Been working on it daily creating new customs for hacks and others on the daily. If there are any covers for any good Hacks, Unlicenced, or Proto games that you haven't seen art for that you would like in the pack, i'm open to suggestions. Whatever I have done by Sunday will be final until I decide to update with more work. My cart pack that uses the template created by the very creative haimbilia, will be released at a later time. Until then, here are a few piccs of my last customs from today. As always, thank you for your time.
  18. @SamVSsami, it's a hack of Contra for NES that was just recently released. It has more aggressive enemies that run and shoot faster. Levels are longer. Bosses are harder Not for the Weak!
  19. Here is some custom art I made this morning for the New EXTREMELY DIFFICULT hack "Contra - Revenge of the Red Falcon". Also click the link in my signature and check out my No Death Run for the Original Japanese version of Contra for Famicom on my youtube channel! Please Subscribe! Thanks for your time!
  20. Or, Hopefully sooner or later there will be an option implemented for 16:9 support. I feel your pain bro. Anything I do I do 16:9. Usually when I retro game though, I use 4:3 and add a sexy overlay to cover the black borders though.
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