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  1. Does this no longer work? I can't seem to get rid of the "exit tranisitions" for wheel art and such on my theme...it looks stupid.
  2. Most of what I would have said has already been said so I won't repeat it. Several regulars hang in chat though, stop in and chat it up. I am kinda new but I like to hang out, socialize and try to help when I can.
  3. Don't feel noob, I had the same question..and I asked it like three times before I understood lol.
  4. I never thought about this but now I am curious. I always noticed some games were ordered wrong when they had numbers like Game Name and Game Name II...I assumed it was wrong in the XML but now I will have to check. Not sure why HS wouldn't have been coded to order them the same as the XML... I'll check and report back some time as I am curious.
  5. I prefer the solution of not having any missing videos lol. If there are no videos I just don't show those games (but that's just a personal pref)
  6. You could export a missing list with any of the HyperSpin tools, use a batch to create a blank text file with those names. Then use File2Folder to create a folder for each of those files instantly, Then use a batch copy to copy your one movie into those folders, then lastly use a batch rename to rename all those files to the folder name. Whole process about 5 mins maybe. File2Folder is a simple shell app you can download, the copy batch scripts I have already because I use them for a similar function. The only thing I don't have is the first step. I see agent47 is lurking in here he could probably write something to do it all much faster. My method would work for me haha
  7. He meant different settings in Retroarch with one core. He probably wants to use two different border shaders, and doesn't want a Game Boy bezel for both systems. I had the same problem. You can make system overrides. If you turn on overrides then put config files named after the system it will load them. So one for Game Boy and Game Boy Color. The other way is to make a copy of retroarch for each system (some people prefer this, but it's more work)
  8. Just what Contra needs, more aggressive enemies. LOL
  9. Tur-Matcher or Don's Tools (Look in Downloads> Hyperspin>3rd party apps)
  10. Looks good, but yeah wouldn't hurt to be smaller =D All about personal preference though it only matters what works for you =D
  11. Yah let's see how it looks for you now And you're quite welcome!
  12. That's actually in HyperSpin/Settings/SystemName.ini Change this portion: [Game Text]game_text_active=falseshow_year=falseshow_manf=falseshow_description=falsetext_color1=0xfffffftext_color2=0x0099ccstroke_color=0x000000text_font=Style1text1_textsize=26text1_strokesize=7text1_x=32text1_y=610text2_textsize=36text2_strokesize=8text2_x=30text2_y=640 As far as I am aware, you can't change it in any GUI.
  13. In chat people said this new Retroarch messed up lots of stuff..I haven't updated yet for that reason.
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