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  1. There exist any method to access "all games" directly? If i press G i show "All Games" I want to bypass this window
  2. I disabled two options and hyperspin cant exit. Well, but i have a question. How can i go back from favorites to all games?
  3. Hi guys, I have a hyperspin made only with mame system and i need to prevent exit hyperspin with ESC key (only alt + f4) But i cant do this witouth disable the "back" button. For example, if i go to fauvorites list i cant go back. How can i go to full game list?
  4. No problem. Im a platinum now But i have a problem. I follow all instructions and beezels works great but i dont see the scanlines I use mame 0.189 and 1920x1080 resolution but don see any scanlines: My mame ini folder: Ony replace rom path
  5. Awesome work I want to download but i got this error: You are not allowed to download that file. I have a bronze membership
  6. Version 1.0.0


    - Favoritos personalizado - Animaciones swf personalizadas - Pantalla de salida personalizada - Sonidos personalizados - Vídeo de intro personalizado - Vídeo por defecto personalizado
  7. Hi guys, I recently made variation based on this after effects video: https://videohive.net/item/arcade-logo/15175743?s_rank=1 For mame systems: Hope you like it Intro.mp4
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