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  1. Hello, firstly, I would like to thank you for (EvilDindon - 443 Icons Set & Theme, Media set). Could you say how to make such a wheel for games, some tutorial, etc ??

  2. hello

    how do you get rockitlaunch?

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    2. KRIS85


      No problem. I'm not an expert on Hyperspin, I'm learning it too, and thanks to people like these 2, it's easier to set up this miracle because it's a bit clumsy :\
      Good Luck ;)

    3. tspkelleher


      thanks you

    4. KRIS85


      No Problem ;)
      I will tell you that on this site, I am not many who want to help new due to the fact that we do not have premium status and it is terribly weak, You tube and other forums will help more than this site :(

  3. Hello, I have a question for you, I have the same dolphin bar, say you managed to force dolphinbar to work 2 wiiremote (of course, on mode 3.4 work 2 wiiremote but only in dolphin) and I mean mame, etc. I fight with this and for nothing I can not force the second remote to work in mime, etc., I wrote to the company but they replied that they do not care what and how they can only tell me that in 1.2 mode it is possible to connect only one wiiremote
  4. Hello, I have a bit of a different question: how to set up the HS by pressing, holding the button, so far I use 1 Pc but in 2 accounts 1 Machine 2 internet, etc. Is there any possibility of a script or something? If I buy 2 PCs, I will try to start the machine like in a post
  5. Hello I would like to get hooked on the subject, that there is a program that I will find duplicate games so-called: I have GB games in 3 folders Eu, Us, Jp and a separate full list 544 games and I would like to kick the duplicates to make a large list of how I would do it by hand it would take half a life Plis help
  6. Hello i got Question is it possible to set 2x wiimote on game mame and other emu in myflash sensorbar ??
  7. Very good job Does anyone have Bezel or rather the same frame with blows for Mortal kombat 1,2,3, MKT mk4 etc., and other fighters ??
  8. KRIS85

    new epsxe

    Can someone explain to me why after starting by RL can not see the save, memory card Epsx the latest version, games zipped up 7zip to save space (unless someone knows a better way)
  9. The amazing post thank you very much I learned in saving space but I still have 2 questions: What about this loss in wii wbfs There is some idea for psx emu epsx games, unfortunately 7z + epsx does not start games ??
  10. There is some idea for psx emu epsx games, unfortunately 7z + epsx does not start games ??
  11. Guys plis help I want to set the HS start and exit from the game to hold the button, but after saving the given setting, it automatically switches to singles how to set it, I do not conceal that my blood is slowly flooding ;(
  12. Hello I heard that you are the best of the best when it comes to Special Art I have 2 questions
    I am looking for a ready-made or how to make a special art with xbox, psx and arcade buttons to change in 5 sec + no change hour, date and weather you can help.
    Sure they are ready special art but unfortunately I do not have a premium yet so I can not see everything ; (

  13. Hello first thx 4 Special Artwork but i got 2 Question :
    1. How do you add a button arcade to your project to change as it is currently between xbox360 and arcade ?
    2. For changing sizes clock, etc, ask Dark13 ?

  14. Hello when will be download and test  Hyperspin 2.0 i'm looking for solutions like this version ?

  15. Hi everyone who can speak to hyperspin 2.0 in this new version are my all solutions with which i am struggling
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