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  1. Hello, I'm in the process of configuring Epsxe 2.05 and module 2.1.6 under emu 2.05 but unfortunately I ran into a few problems, so called: I will not litter the forum and write all the problems in one post, i was looking on the RL forum, this page but the topic either closer or moved the archive, i.e. 1 comes out ;( 1. Games packed 7zip, zip etc do not start despite checking 7z enable and another problem If he wants to run the game in slow boot mode in 7zip zip, every time such bushes appear as on the attached SS WTF oO 2. How to configure multimode / game, ie if the game is played on several discs 3. Problem with analogs in games, e.g. wwf smackdown 2 after starting the game via RL, analogs do not work, if I start the game via epsx everything works I noticed that if I set the analogs in epsx and run the game through rl, it is as if the analogs in epsx were reset, i.e. not assigned, I tried with different settings and then the same, how to fix it ?
  2. Hello, could anyone help, I would like to configure under dolphin Hs to detect original wiilote etc. and pads from xboxa360, ps3, ps2 and preferably if it is possible to detect the mini ipad arcade panel ?
  3. Thank You very much I'm a chestnut so I forgot to add in RL PBP hehe: P 3 weeks break from settings and such failures: D It is a pity that this compresion option is not more efficient as in the case of 7zip etc. but better than nothing;) Thank you again ?
  4. Thank You 4 this but i have Question: I have converted to pbp but how to do it now to run the game through hyperspin, RL ? Game working fine in PBP + Epsx but in HS, RL no see the game or is black screen ?
  5. And what if the custom wheel data like Racing games, the fight game doesn't not see any modules or emulator how to fix it ??
  6. Hello, I have a question, I found a 16: 9 bezel + instruction card for mame but I have a problem after starting the game does not start on full screen you can see the taskbar as in the photo below how to fix it ? I have a 24 inch 1080p widscreen monitor.
  7. Hello 4 me not working you tip i change false ,true in global and in the wheel this same in fade loading taskbar show 1 click mouse hides but after loading the game shows up again and i don't know how to hide it, the strangest thing is that after turning off the bezel the taskbar disappears and everything is ok just showing up at fade loading is a bit irritating plis help ??
  8. Hello, I am looking for a way to sort the list of xml games, e.g. Mame etc, in alphabetical order, unfortunately most xml lists are not alphabetized, which makes Hs Wheels a light mess ?? Unfortunately in Hs alone I didn't find the option to show the list by alphabet or I'm blind
  9. Hello, I have a request or someone can explain to me how to do a custom wheel, for example: Beat 'Em Up, fight game, etc., as you know RL HS does not see a non-standard wheel and hence the module I thought that the alternate emulator in RL would solve my problem but RL is still screaming for the emulator's path and because there is no module,emulator I can not give the path and choose game The only solution I found was a tutorial from Planet Geekdom on YT, but it does not really suit me so-called: over the first circle Beat 'Em Up, fight game I would have been sitting for ages: P Is there any solution, some time ago on YT I saw a video in which someone did these wheels and he normally saw the modules but the channel, the account no longer exists Why through an alternative emulator as the game adds you can not see the video artwork on this wheel, I understand that I have to move everything to a given circle, it seemed that it was possible to move the game to another wheel leaving the game, video artwork in the original wheel Beat 'Em Up wheels and this is where the artwork, video etc is displayed, whether I really have to transfer all the media to a given wheel ??
  10. Hello, firstly, I would like to thank you for (EvilDindon - 443 Icons Set & Theme, Media set). Could you say how to make such a wheel for games, some tutorial, etc ??

  11. hello

    how do you get rockitlaunch?

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    2. KRIS85


      No problem. I'm not an expert on Hyperspin, I'm learning it too, and thanks to people like these 2, it's easier to set up this miracle because it's a bit clumsy :\
      Good Luck ;)

    3. tspkelleher
    4. KRIS85


      No Problem ;)
      I will tell you that on this site, I am not many who want to help new due to the fact that we do not have premium status and it is terribly weak, You tube and other forums will help more than this site :(

  12. Hello I heard that you are the best of the best when it comes to Special Art I have 2 questions
    I am looking for a ready-made or how to make a special art with xbox, psx and arcade buttons to change in 5 sec + no change hour, date and weather you can help.
    Sure they are ready special art but unfortunately I do not have a premium yet so I can not see everything ; (

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