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  1. Any android emulator available that can run atari jaguar cd games?
  2. Thanks for the info, but what you describe can be done on a pc. I am using shield tv and was wondering if this would be possible on the android version of Hyperspin? Forgot to mention that in my previous post.
  3. Any way games from different platforms can be launched from a single wheel? To elaborate this, a collection of a franchise that consists of game versions in several consoles, is it possible to launch each one of these under one main wheel?
  4. Any emulator available for phillips cdi console on android?
  5. hi again, ok now it is working properly, thanks! Any ideas regarding buttons mapping? Do i need to connect a keyboard? Seems the controller is not enough.
  6. i tried these settings but when i launch a game, it kicks back. Any ideas? Do i need to add anything in the roms folder?
  7. yeah i mean which line are you using in the settings.ini exe file and which rom extensions?
  8. which settings are you using for this?
  9. Hey guys, check out my hyperspin setup on my youtube channel as well as other videos of newly added systems! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqnE4drWkvZRefjHBPc8-pg
  10. mihaliousa


  11. I thought this post was about launching 3do games straight for hyperspin and not atari jaguar?
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