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  1. im pretty sure there will be an easy workaround,wait a few days for people to look into it first. ye it does suck, but its capcom and its their last game so i doubt they will be even interested in fixing anything,so it will be up to the community. Off topic: I really hope capcom loose all the money on this final project,the way they have treated the fans and Hideo kojima has been sickening.So i wont be paying for it
  2. i can honestly understand why people want drives....but as others have stated, they very rarely work...i got stung myself,and therefore kinda forced into learning from scratch,tbh it aint that difficult,just time consuming. Im learning but getting there and feel much better understanding this now,i re-bought a fresh drive and installed everything via the guides, especially Simply Austins guides, that guys class and helps so much with his vids (with a laugh upon the way) 1.Buy a Drive 4 TB 2.Sign up to emumovies 3.Sign up and pay the platinum on here 4.Install HS and rocketlauncher via Austins guides,start with tools/daemon etc 5.Do 1-2 systems at a time......dont do too many it only confuses you, start with the classics, MAME/SNES/Genesis etc and work up. 6.configure controls and enjoy while installing other systems. 7.Dont fret to ask in here,most want to help you. 8.Dont rush it,rome wasnt build in a day 9.Find people that will share wheels with the community 10.DONT BUY A FUCKIN DRIVE...PLEASE..they wont work,there comps run at different speeds/ini files are different,programs installled diff....It will only fill their pockets and wont help you
  3. nice giga,ill look into them With the qanba,due to the price of both of them ill a little apprehensive on opening them up....I was looking into a 4 way to sit in the ccentre of my panel above the trackball....im pretty sure someone sells 4 ways on ebay with USB.
  4. As above im looking into buying a spinner and trackball,however im hoping i can pick up USB versions and not ipac versions. My arcade cab is a pedestal arcade, i have 2 x Qanba Q4 RAF (Utter beasts) joysticks built in,however ive got space for a Spinner/trackball and 4 way joystick (need this for pacman/qbert etc) to be included,but i prefer them to be USB ready any help or knowledge?
  5. Guys, in the database section the SNES has 851 games, is that the official amount of games released on that console? Or is that just the number of roms that the individual that created that database had? Im looking into collecting every Snes/Genesis pack and its just something I was wondering?
  6. Guys Im looking into building a few cabinets (desktop) however im looking into Mini PC's, are there any suggestions that could run HS really well via external Hard drive? I would like to run PS2/Wii etc as well as I can thanks
  7. just recently found out about this....can someone link me the latest working emulator? I cant seem to find any at all.....I assume its a specialised dolphin emulator....Dolphin triforce? I have the MK2 GP game but cant find the working emulator Thanks
  8. some people just make their own for their own games and benefits,a lot is available of course via here and emumovies....some on torrent sites but they are usually incomplete. Its beneficial if you have the time and patience to do it yourself,more pride in it as well...but I can also understand why people buy the drives also,they are hardcore retro gamers that maybe don't have the time of knowledge to start up a good drive by themselves
  9. im still struggling with the bezels adding them into mame,can anyone advise me?
  10. my rigs is pretty high end for an arcade emulator rig,but im gonna be running PS2/gamecube emulators etc etc... i7 4790 win 64 8GB ram Ati 7970 4gb coolermaster Haf coolermaster V8 Cooler
  11. I do agree with that,jst setup the systems you will/might play....I delete a load of Japanese games/systems for example...my favs are SNES Genesis N64 gamecube
  12. It does take time,i spent many many hours on this years ago,then my hard drive died and I didn't have it copied at the time,tried to redo everything a few times after this,but having kids and a job I had hardly anytime,i don't mind people that buy the hard drives,for some its too difficult and for others to time consuming....what annoys me is people that complain about buying hard drives,some people don't realise that they don't have the time of knowledge to set this up,and then argue that its free why should you buy it....well buying it saves time,already pre configured and secondly,its not exactly free on here,if you really want the ultimate setup you need to buy membership as you do over at emumovies.. But the good thing is this forum is full of nice people willing to help and if you do ave the time its great to finish something that you part built yourself
  13. Guys im trying to save space and get rid of stuff I wont really use in Hyperspin tbh...ie I wont look up cd images,nor be interested in keeping Japanese manuals etc.. My hyperspin/hyperlaunch/media folder has over 50 GB of manuals,soundracks etc is it ok to delete these and my games/emulators and hyperspin will still run fine? Obviously I wont delete files that hyperspin uses like sounds/menu etc....but the manuals alone is 21GB,for something I don't use id rather have the space for more games is this ok? Also.....before I delete the bezels folder,i want to keep the MAME bezels folder,the reason being when running a game like 1942,it looks very bland but seeing it on youtube running with a bezel and the game on top looks great....how do I setup my mame64/hyperspin to run bezels for mame only? I did try tab/video options and enabled bezels/snaps etc...but it didn't work....is there a turorial for running mame bezels with games? does my resolution have to be different? thanks for any help and advice
  14. thanks for that...most of my games are in STEAM,is there a possibilty to setup steam within HS,as a wheel and then once it loads it takes me directly to my steam account where i can select the games within that? Or is it easier to just have seperate games installed via HS
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