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  1. goofers

    Extra 3D cases for PS1

    I was going to start helping finish these off as so many need repairs plus I would like to finish all regions.
  2. goofers

    Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    It worked for me too then all of a sudden this, no support over at RL anymore either not that there ever was any.
  3. goofers

    Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    Strange eh I gave up with HS and ended up just using RL to boot games, which defeats the purpose of having HS it's needing a good update starting to get annoying now.
  4. goofers

    Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    Can anyone here use bezels in the new version of Demul mine stays in the background.
  5. goofers

    MAME Start Module

    Delete the module and let rocketL download the new one when you restart the app simple
  6. goofers

    Xbox 360 Controller Image

    or cut it out better here
  7. goofers

    SweetFX + Demul?

    Anyone here got the Sweet fx preset settings file I lost mine?
  8. I am missing half the Neo CD chds
  9. goofers


  10. goofers


    Version 1.1


    MAME.ini file this is the test ini file I am working on let me know your thoughts guys.
  11. goofers

    VMU Bezel

    Version 1.0


    VMU Bezel for Sega Dreamcast
  12. Version 20150617


    Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc Box Art
  13. Version 20150617


    Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc Disc Art
  14. goofers

    Pack complet Sega Dreamcast FR + Exclus US/JP

    free to share on hfs my ass you steal from people and dont share a thing.
  15. goofers

    Pack complet Sega Dreamcast FR + Exclus US/JP

    I want to know who stole my dreamcast cover and used it freely without asking me really not happy about this??
  16. goofers

    RetroArch 1.2, New GUI, Improved Cores

    Thanks for the headsup mate been waiting all year for this sweetnesssss
  17. Version 1.0


    Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc Official Database
  18. goofers

    Dynamic Marquee Displays

    I wouldnt use that site if I was use flagged up on my app lol
  19. goofers

    3D Magazine Reader in HS

    I use a dif reader than you
  20. goofers

    3D Magazine Reader in HS

    Looks decent mate
  21. goofers

    Finally! My first Cab Finished!

    Very nice exactly how I want mine when I move home
  22. Very nice cab man how much to make it if you dont mind me asking
  23. goofers

    Chase Hq to outrun

    Yeah great job man
  24. goofers

    mess bios retro arch problem

    I have no clue how to get this to work either we need mess