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  1. Dunno, was from the UK, i used a Mean Well PSU before chriz at that had the same problem
  2. Nah i think it has to be the 12v PSU, because as soon as i unplug the PSU the interferance stops I also have my Backglass montior plugged into the same graphics card as the DMD monitor and that doesnt show any interferance what so ever, but i am using a HDMI to DVI cable for that display though
  3. No, all the power cables are on the right hand side of the cab where the power strip is, they only way they come in any sort of contact with each other is the power cable from the monitor is plugged into the powerstip and so is the PSU, i might try tomorrow plugging the monitor into a wall socket and sell if that changes anything
  4. Here a pic of how i have the stobe wired up, it has just a single power cable, which i cut into as you suggested and placed th relay inbetween the live wire then the red wire going off to my 12v PSU and the yellow off to the led-wiz Ok this is a overhead pic of the inside of my cab, as you can see the psu is on the left and side near the sub, its a fair way away from the acutally dmd display. This is the PSU i have now (the link includes specs) its a Heng Fu.... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320662684163&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT The one i had before which was just 100watt was a Mean Well PSU the same as chris, and that also caused interfrance, the Heng Fu and mean well PSU looked idetical from what i could see of inside the PSU!!
  5. Ok, removed the coil from the strobe relay and played 4 games of cirqus voltaire without the led-wiz buggering up. So what could the problem be a possible faulty relay? On to the 2nd problem with the interference on the dmd display, i unplug the 12v 150 watt PSU and removed all the wires that were attached the positive terminals on the PSU, turned the PSU back on and the interference was back!! I even try plugging the PSU into another outlet rather than my multi IntelliPlug strip, still the same problem. How can 2 different PSU give me the same interference problems?? Would still having the negative wires attached to the PSU terminal from all my components still cause interferance?
  6. Yeah the interference is there all the time until i turn of the power to the 12v PSU, would it be a connactor thats causing it? In regards to the relay, i see what you mean just pull the plastic lever and the coil in the clear plastic pops out. So its safe to remove that coil from the relay and still have everything connected up to the relay without the coil attached, having the live side of the strobe still attached to the relay and then onto my led-wiz is safe to do so yeah? What am i actually looking for it to do when the coil is removed from the relay?
  7. I dont think its the PSU, as i upgraded the PSU from a 100watt to 150watt and had the same problem with both, it must be the wires from the led cree's as they do run under the shelf that i have the dmd monitor on, not sure why it would cause interference though In regards to the strobe, what do you mean remove the relay for the strobe from the base???
  8. Yeah i believe so....it all works as it should do without setting on fire. Joking aside though the strobe is on the rear of the machine and both the led-wiz and I-PAC are at the front of the machine so its not like there right next to each other. On a side note i have been getting interference on my DMD monitor, where i can see very slight lines scrolling across the screen, it was suggested to replace my cheap vga cable with one that has the shielding blocks at either end of the cable, but this hasnt seemed to help, its strange if i turn of my 150 12v PSU that powers the connactors and leds the interference disappears from the DMD montior. I wonder if these 2 problems are linked in anyway?
  9. Ok, have just set up my strobe via the ledcontrol.ini file, and its having a wired effect on my led-wiz or/and I-PAC. The first game i tried the strobe out on way cirqus voltaire as it has alot of strobe effects. Anyway i noticed that the led-wiz/I-PAC stopped resonding, the flippers stopped working on the table or though the contactors were still working, and none of the leds were flashing anymore. In order to get everything working again i had to unplug the I-PAC and plug it back in and then do the same for the Led-Wiz, then it would work again for a while. I thought that it might have just been that table, so i tired Scared Stiff and everything was working fine (5+ mins) until i got the mulitball and the strobe started going off and the same thing happened!! Its as if the strobe is causing the Led-wiz and/or I-Pac to trip out, any ideas??
  10. lol, i wont be adding the inline fuse to the strobe mains as it has a fuse on the plug already so need fo it that side. What i will do is add an inline fuse between my 12v psu and the relay that connects to the strobe
  11. actually just check and the inline fuse if 2.5a, hasnt blown yet so i guess its not at a too low rating!! Need to get some more for my strobe though so that might be the real test I got these ones from ebay a pack of 5... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250803626571
  12. Thanks for the reply Numiah, yeah as u can see from the photo i have the inline fuse wire attached straight to the screw terminal of my PSU, im using a 4A fuse in them by the way
  13. That takes the piss!!! Maxxsinner, regarding the inline fuses im using, do you still need to use them for componets that also need a relay like the strobe and gear motor., and does it matter where they are placed in the circuit, as at the moment i have them screwd to the 12v screw terminal of the PSU?
  14. Maxxsinner, regarding the wiring diagram for the strobe light in your guide, the finder relay you have pictured is different from the finder relay i have, but am i still to use the same lablelled terminals A1, A2, 21 and 24??
  15. So I got my analog strobe yesterday and noticed there are 2 dials on it labled dimmer and speed, what do I want to set these as? I take it that the ledwiz can control the intensity and speed of the strobe just like the shaker motor??
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