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  1. For some odd reason, i can see uneven scanlines on black screens, an ideas? Im on a 1440p monitor btw!
  2. Thanks for the replies, ok first of all wtf is BAM!!, have just watched a video and its look....like it make FP 3D is this right...looks incredible!!. Good to hear that FP now works with led-wiz also....im actual scared of firing my cab up its been so long since ive turned it on porbably go pop lol. Also whats this unity thing you speak of?. When you say updated FP physics has there been a new version released...i thought that program was dead!?
  3. Excuess my ignorance here (have been away from these forums and everything that surrounds it for well over a year), do these work for Future Pinball tables now or still just VP??
  4. I haven't used HyperSpin or my Cab for about 18 months!, so ive decided to wipe the PC and reinstall Windows 7 x64 and start from scratch. What has changed for Hyerspin in the last 18 months????.... 1. Does it now support Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade?, 2. If so does HS support backglass for these games as im guess that they dont have backglass screen for 3 screen cab setups....yet, so for example if i was to load a Pinball FX 2 table would HS display a backglass and keep it up there while the table was being played on the main display?. 3. Does Pinball FX, TPA or Future Pinball now use LedWiz Config Tool for flasher, flipper coils etc or is this still only compatible with VP?. 4. Are the latest Video card (Nvidia) drivers ok to use with future pinball, as i can remember back when i was using my cab the current drivers at the time didnt play nicely with the backglass? 5. Anything else i should look up or know about thats happen in the last year or so, thanks for your help.
  5. Damn i love Undercover Cops and didnt even know there was a difference between the versions, so will defo check that out, thanks!!!
  6. How to i hide/change the windows welcome and closing down screens on win xp??
  7. Jesus what component going off when the strobes are going?? sounds really loud whatever it is?
  8. Chriz has now cost 100's of forum members to get a 2nd loan when he announces his next new gizmo to be used in a Pincab!! Looking good soo far, is the LED display a marked improvement over the old sharp?, or is the depth of the LED the major improvement?? Also im just wait for the first member to use 2 50" LED screen for the sides of the cab so you can also have the artwork for each table also....now that would be amazing!!
  9. Dunno, was from the UK, i used a Mean Well PSU before chriz at that had the same problem
  10. Nah i think it has to be the 12v PSU, because as soon as i unplug the PSU the interferance stops I also have my Backglass montior plugged into the same graphics card as the DMD monitor and that doesnt show any interferance what so ever, but i am using a HDMI to DVI cable for that display though
  11. No, all the power cables are on the right hand side of the cab where the power strip is, they only way they come in any sort of contact with each other is the power cable from the monitor is plugged into the powerstip and so is the PSU, i might try tomorrow plugging the monitor into a wall socket and sell if that changes anything
  12. Here a pic of how i have the stobe wired up, it has just a single power cable, which i cut into as you suggested and placed th relay inbetween the live wire then the red wire going off to my 12v PSU and the yellow off to the led-wiz Ok this is a overhead pic of the inside of my cab, as you can see the psu is on the left and side near the sub, its a fair way away from the acutally dmd display. This is the PSU i have now (the link includes specs) its a Heng Fu.... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320662684163&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT The one i had before which was just 100watt was a Mean Well PSU the same as chris, and that also caused interfrance, the Heng Fu and mean well PSU looked idetical from what i could see of inside the PSU!!
  13. Ok, removed the coil from the strobe relay and played 4 games of cirqus voltaire without the led-wiz buggering up. So what could the problem be a possible faulty relay? On to the 2nd problem with the interference on the dmd display, i unplug the 12v 150 watt PSU and removed all the wires that were attached the positive terminals on the PSU, turned the PSU back on and the interference was back!! I even try plugging the PSU into another outlet rather than my multi IntelliPlug strip, still the same problem. How can 2 different PSU give me the same interference problems?? Would still having the negative wires attached to the PSU terminal from all my components still cause interferance?
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