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  1. The chat not working is dissapointing but I will live lol. But one thing that seems awful to me is when I am going through some threads, it repeats the first post of the thread on every new page.. Check out the Aeon Nox thread. The first post is a huge post talking about the progress of the thread. So I need to scroll through that 80 times since the thread is 80 pages long.
  2. FrankyRizzo


  3. Will the chat bar be reinstalled as things get tweaked and fixed? Makes it much easier to chat with people rather than a PM conversation.
  4. https://www.sabrent.com/product/USB-GAMEPAD/twelve-button-usb-2-0-game-controller-pc based on the price it probably is shit
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Hori-Pad-Turbo-Black-Xbox-360/dp/B002L3SXO4 expensive as hell tho
  6. The Cue file simply points to the bin file. So Make sure the actual name of the cue and bin are the same. Then edit the cue file in notepad so once again the main file matches the name. You do not need to rename each individual track.
  7. The emulator setup part has very little to do with HyperSpin. Most people use RocketLauncher as their launcher and not HyperLauncher. HyperSpin is just the sexy system / game selector. Really unless developers stop updating their emulators, RocketLauncher will always need constant updates.... There will never be that super simple setup for anyone. RocketLauncher updates have broke my setup so many times because of updated modules for versions of emulators I don't use. I find HyperSpin is the easy part of the Arcade. The headaches come from RocketLauncher. But RL is really amazing. I have emulators working through RL that I dont even know how to use without RL lol.
  8. Ohh this is for android HS. So I guess it wont work the same way as on a PC?
  9. I would be interested int he video when you upload it. I have fought with the new MAME core with /mame/mess all week. And have gotten no closer to making this work. Whenever I attempt to load a rom in RA it just closes. When I link everything through RL it extracts my rom and closes. I dont even see RA load for a second.
  10. Is it possible to send me this core? I cant make mess work in RA at all. im hoping this is my issue.
  11. I always use my roms to create my own databases. I really focus only on (USA) releases and in some rare cases I have some EU and JP games and even some ROM hacks.
  12. When you were showing off your arcade you showed some shaders in retroarch that I never saw before. Where did you get the HDMI shaders from?
  13. I was already talking to ulao about it. http://www.bliss-box.net/Bliss-Box/products-Custom.html
  14. I like option 2 the most. The 1st image is just restarting the button it is pointing to. I know I need fade screens since everything is zipped. However I plan to put this in a cabinent at some point so will need to come up with a different sort of fade. Also need to learn hwo to setup fade. I always had 0% success.
  15. So my computer fried. I built a new one and put windows 10 on it. Has anybody tried Hyperspin on Win10 yet? Just curious about potential bugs... I guess one of the biggest problems could be emulator support.
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