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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Custom made letters for Philips Videopac Plus G7400. This letters style matches the wheel names I also made for this system. You can check it out here.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Pointer made using the console box artwork.
  3. AHK script works fine in Rocketlauncher but once I launch the games, MAME takes the control and the AHK doesn't work anymore... How do you have your config?
  4. Konamito


  5. I'm having the same annoying problem with this system. I have set my mapper (Joy2Key) with the letters used for player 1 controls: S, D, E, X, Space, Shift, but I'm only able to move the sprite but I can't fire or start the game when pushing the buttons on my CPO.
  6. Now it works!!! I think it was a temporary error.
  7. Having the same problem today... I have the latest version: HyperSync logs into EmuMovies but gives error when trying into HyperSpin... Is the server down?
  8. Well,. finally after some tests I found the correct way to make this module to work!!!! I just change Start_Game --> true and All-Tables --> true. Works fine. After the fade in screen I get ready to play the table selected in RL. Thanks for your support herem Metalzoic.
  9. No. I have more tables available. I just tried with Addams Family. The tables you mentioned are ok. I'm using DX9 version (emulator v1.43.8) and the last module update: 2.0.7 (files where updated today). I've tried again and I can hear the music in the background but the fade in screen doesn't go away. If hit Enter key I can hear the ingame sounds when selecting tables. This doesn't select table automatically as before. I disabled Start_Game option (set into false). Good news now are that the game starts and I don't get back to RL as before happened. But, Arcade Pinball in behind the fade in screen so I just have to switch to the emulator and select manually the tables... So, it doesn't work as intended for me.
  10. Hello, Metalzoic. First of all thanks for your wotk in this module. I've followed your tutorial en every step. But when I run a game (for now I just have The Addams Family table on Tables directory), Pinball Arcade runs fine, RL selects automatically the table and then I get back to RL with any error notice... These are my module settings: In H:\Games\Pinball Arcade\Resource\Tables folder I have Addams Family, The (Bally).csv file. And also, my exe's name is PinballArcade.exe. What am I missing here?
  11. That's weird. I don't have any file inside Main Menu/Images/Special folder but the texts still appear in HS... How this could happen?
  12. Wow, I've been out for a couple of months and I found a brand new site. It looks nice to me. Good work!
  13. Do you mean just plug and play? Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  14. craiganderson, any clue on how to map the keys for this system?
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