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  1. Thank you BUT I don't use Facebook anymore and won't be going back to it. It's great there is a config file maker as it makes life easier. You've made it sound like the zip files reside in the WHD folder and will be extracted on the fly. I'll put it this way...Batman the Movie (WHDload) as one example would NOT play unless I extracted it within the Amiga OS. If someone tells me they have it working with this method from Mr. Creswell then I'll investigate further when I have time. Thanks again, I do have the Database and artwork already from my PC setup.
  2. I had uoYabause sideloaded it still worked but I have now switched to Yaba Sanshiro. This works on my Shield TV setup...I'll put a snippet from my .ini file below. exe=org.uoyabause.uranus/org.uoyabause.android.Yabause romextension=bin,cue parameters=org.uoyabause.android.FileNameEx
  3. I'd be interested to hear how people are doing their setups. I've still not done my Amiga wheel yet. I have UAE4ARM, setup a profile, installed Workbench and sorted out the encrypted kickstarts. The WHDload game zips had to be decompressed in the Amiga OS, using windows to extract would break some of the games. Maybe that's why Pouteur has issues with so many games if they are WHD zips, if he gives me some examples that aren't loading I'll see if my copies are running in Workbench. I might well abandon the system for the Shield TV. I have FS-UAE on my PC & laptop which was a breeze to setup in comparison. It does a much better job emulating and fitting the image to the screen too, I can always just Gamestream it from my PC to the Shield TV I suppose. All the best guys, I look forward to seeing how things develop.
  4. 1.6.7 from the playstore. You're right it has gone FFS! I kid you not it was there. I had no luck with using CrocoDS core so I was happy to see Caprice...there were definitely two cores available for Amstrad CPC. I didn't download it as I already had the core added. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it returns.
  5. I think Thatman has a thread with working and non working systems for Android on here. I'm sure he will link it if he sees these posts, I don't recall if it states what emulator to use though. I use Mupen64Plus FZ for Nintendo 64 which isn't listed on the guide I linked by Reznnate but it's still a very comprehensive list.
  6. Yes things change over time, RetroArch looks completely different now to when I first used it years ago! If you load a core it's name should show in the bottom left corner and you should see Quick Menu, Load Core, Load Content, Online Updater...Quit RetroArch. You might need to uninstall it and do it again. I'm done for the night. Sounds like you just need to get RetroArch setup and find some BIOS files for neo geo CD and you'll be done. All the best with it
  7. Most likely because you have no cores installed You need to go to Online updater > Core Updater and download the cores you need. On the main menu, push right (you'll see driver, video, audio etc) scroll down to directory and you'll see that you can set the System/Bios folder there.
  8. Right well the path line is ignored in Android (the guides explain that). From the looks of it you need to install Reicast (that's what I use for the Dreamcast too). It's not using an emulator in the emulator folder. The exe line is identical to mine HOWEVER I have gdi files in the rom extensions too. Neo Geo CD is set to use Retroarch. I'm guessing it's the BIOS files you need. What I do is have a folder for all the BIOS files and point the retroarch system/bios to that folder. You can load a core in retroarch then go to information > core information, to check if the BIOS files are being found
  9. Well I for one would be interested to see an example of one of the .ini files (like the Dreamcast) to see what emulator is being used in that folder. For Sega Saturn I use Uoyabause BUT I can't remember if I had to supply it with the BIOS files. Neo-geo CD might possibly have issues because of the BIOS files. It's very difficult for us to help as we don't know how the drive is configured, I know you get that now. All the best.
  10. I don't want to sound like a **** but the guy who supplied the drive should be giving you support. Buying these drives and linking to sites that supply the media content is frowned upon. Read through the guides Thatman kindly linked for you to get a better understanding. If you are still struggling we can try and help.
  11. You need to look at the .ini files in the settings_android folder that is all HyperSpin will use on the Shield TV. See how Dreamcast is setup it will tell you what emulator is being used. Thatman has put in a lot of time doing these guides, they're worth reading and should help you understand what's going on. Daphne is laserdisc games (Dragon's Lair, Cobra command, Cliff Hanger etc etc.) so no it's not Sega. If you have Gamecube roms then you can use Dolphin but setting it up is a bit of a faff. Take it in baby steps one system at a time and you'll get there. I'm guessing many of the systems will use RetroArch, so install it and go in the online updater and download the cores you need. Yes they can be. Although Retroarch has a core for the Commodore 64 for example, I had trouble getting the gamepad and keyboard recognised, so ended up using C64.emu which works great. For Nintendo DS I use Drastic which cost ~£3, it's a great emulator but I don't blame people if they want to run it through RetroArch. Some members like to use Mame4droid for the Arcade games but I prefer to use RetroArch as the cores will cover many romsets.
  12. If you don't use Retroarch you will have to buy some emulators from the play store. Retroarch isn't that bad really, just looks confusing at first. The Sega 32X for example has no dedicated emulator so you need RetroArch and the Picodrive core for it. I don't use it for everything BUT more often than not I am. We know nothing about this drive. In the Hyperspin folder look for the settings_android sub folder. All the .ini files here are for the different systems. If a rom is missing, it's most likely the rom path is incorrect, or the rom extensions are incorrect...or possibly the rom isn't named the same as what is listed in the database xml. The exe line states what the emulator to be used is. Parmeters is commonly used to define a core for retroarch to use. The settings folder is for a PC setup, it will also have .ini files but from the sounds of things you aren't too bothered about that. However it will depend what roms you have on the drive. If there are Nintendo Wii games then honestly most of those won't work with Dolphin for Android, there are some systems that just aren't playable on Android (Daphne for example). As I have a PC arcade with an Nvidia GPU I can play it remotely from the Shield TV via Gamestream...just an FYI should you choose to go that route in the future All the best with it
  13. I did notice today that the Caprice core has been added to the cores available in Retroarch's online updater. I did already have it added but that was through faffing around with a "custom" retroarch.cfg file which sourced the cores from an alternate source (I think Pouter had done a Youtube video in French about it some time ago). The Amstrad CPC is the first machine I can recall ever owning, it makes me smile replaying some of the classic games (Barbarian is awesome!). Hope this helps some of you guys out, now you don't need to jump through hoops to play the games. Have a great weekend whatever it is you're doing
  14. Not that I saw no. As Badhemi said Mame2014 (which is 0.159) & MULTI (MESS 2014 & UME 2014) are there. I've only installed Mame2014 but I will give the others a look see.
  15. I have just tried some Cave games and yes mame2014 is better than mame git. I'll try and make a list of what's working and update the thread linked earlier in this thread. Thanks again dude for the heads up
  16. So it is! Thanks fella been waiting forever for this. Have a great weekend
  17. Yeah I knew it would be possible with root access. Thank you! I'm sure it will help someone out, I doubt I will but thanks for the info My phone is rooted with a custom rom, it's only a midrange phone and can be easily replaced or upgraded, I didn't really care about the warranty. I love the Shield TV but if something went wrong, it was going to be a nightmare trying to replace it with them being out of stock. I hear a new or revised model could be unveiled at CES in 2017. I tried the Geforce NOW service and it works quite well with good internet and wired networking...I just refused to pay for games as if the Shield broke and I couldn't replace it, the games were "Lost". So I just use the Game stream service instead from my gaming PC to the Shield...I do have the PS4 remote play working too. My friends love the little box and I deliberately kept it stock with them in mind. I've tweaked it up some through clever use of apps but it's simple to implement if my friends wanted their own and not take risks. Thanks again Optimal
  18. Thanks for the heads up Badhemi I do have that installed on the Shield...I just like having options for Retroarch cores
  19. I'd love it Optimal! Although I have refused to root my Shield TV, hopefully that's not needed. I've been tinkering with the RPI & attract mode recently, it still needs some work IMHO. Would be nice to go back to the Shield to do some tinkering and see what's new Thanks in advance
  20. Yes that's the one, my mistake it was mame2014! I have no idea what happened to Sting, we did clash a bit lol I see he's helped plenty of people and is a valued member of the forum...I've been "away" for a while, I hope he returns soon. I've been concentrating on another PC build for a coffee table, funnily enough I have come back here recently to check on the progress with android emulation. The mameGit seems no better now and even though afba plays some games I'm still under the impression we are missing out. I did find THIS for you all to look at, it's something I had already attempted. My issue was when in Retroarch, once I tried to alter the source for the buildbot. The onscreen keyboard popped up which I couldn't interface with properly and it screwed me over. This lead to the buildbot link being broken, as I couldn't even re-enter the default address, I just reinstalled RetroArch and swore muchly at it...left that alone ever since lol Apparently Jellybean or Lollipop devices have much more luck. I'm looking to upgrade my phone soon and I'll then switch this Moto G from the custom android 7.1 to 4 or 5 and see what's what. I actually really love the Shield TV...can't find them in stock so I won't risk too much tinkering with it. The K1 tablets I have seen back in stock....maybe someone wants to revert theirs back to 5.1 and try? Hopefully someone will have more luck with the method above and it won't matter
  21. I've been through this several months ago. There is a thread on what Cave games work, so I tried testing my games on android to help out the OP. I think it was Mame2010 we wanted but it still isn't showing up on the online updater for android. I've seen posts online @libretro with people asking for it back for CPS3 and CAVE...some have even tried compiling their own version of Retroarch with the core built-in but doesn't look like people have had much luck. I sideloaded afba to my shield TV. It plays some of the CPS3 and Cave roms...that's the best alternative I have found, I hope it helps.
  22. You will have a Movies folder, inside that is the Game Recordings folder. It will name the file depending on what app is running when you started recording. If you record from the home screen, the prefix will be leanbacklauncher for example.
  23. I've only just seen this as I was typing out my post above! I didn't think you were selling a setup, just making one available to download....much like the free HFSBOX15K I mentioned. Shame as I was looking forward to seeing what you've been working on...maybe you could just do a video walkthrough to demo it then?
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