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  1. No. I have no clue why you can't get it working. Works fine for me and other people who have followed in my footsteps. I had someone asking me just last week, I pointed him to the RA 1.7.7 (32bit) download. He got it working and then asked how to add coins to start the game (FYI: click left thumb stick).
  2. Well the path I used in the first line of the framefile txts, was for a drive that was adopted as internal storage. If you are using an external drive it would be different, the games won't play if they can't find those files.
  3. Sounds right. Have you stopped google playstore from auto updating? It's possible it has updated you to 1.7.8
  4. Are you using the 64bit version of RetroArch? It doesn't work with that sadly! I've recently reverted back to 1.7.7 (32bit) from 1.7.8 (which defaults to 64bit on STV). Daphne plays fine for me from RetroArch and Hyperspin with the test core.
  5. I noticed very quickly Barbarian + was in there. A HD remake if you will of Death Sword/Barbarian which was awesome to see. The way you have them named is "static", so still named as your last collection which is great! It's also very easy for me to divide them now as ECS, AGA and Demos rather than having everything stuffed into one wheel. Won't take long for me to do the databases, it's sorting and creating the media which will take the most time. Thanks again for the INSANE amount of work you've put into this collection for the Amiga community!
  6. Saw the Doc today. He said I'm recovering well from what's essentially a life changing injury both physically and psychologically. I can return to work now in a limited capacity, typical we should get to a point where I can really crack on with this project when I now have less free time on my hands ? I do now have the complete collection of HDF files. There are more titles added to the WHDLoad set, I'll deal with those first and then turn my attention to the "non WHDLoad generic game" set.
  7. MS-DOS is an utter pig, I didn't bother with it in Hyperspin on the STV. I use Magic Dosbox and load it through Kodi's main menu, MDB can have box art and that's good enough for me. ScummVM I sussed out ages ago with Retroarch, the official ScummVM app doesn't work with frontends. Thatman84 didn't care about it but wrote up a guide on here once I told him how it's done. It's a bit fiddly to do but he wrote up a pretty comprehensive guide, the video I had done is now gone unfortunately. Got a message from Ransom earlier this morning. The HDF collection is now complete, he was checking the games against WHDLoad as we spoke. He did hit me with a slight bombshell though, he has another 1,500 HDF files! 3,500 for WHDLoad, the rest are mostly official Amiga games that are not in the WHDLoad collection with some Homebrew titles thrown in. These extra official Amiga titles will definitely be missing artwork HOWEVER it's awesome to have more to add to the Amiga database. ADF versions of the games can be flaky at best, I have no doubt the HDF versions Ransom has done will work great! SO...I have even more work to do now BUT the Amiga is finally getting the love it deserves, no matter which platform we choose to emulate it on
  8. Don't use Hyperlist. Stuff on there is out of date, sadly it's not maintained very well. I made this mistake grabbing the Amiga xml from there, the proper ones will be found in official labelled threads when searching the forum
  9. I'm always glad to hear people are still interested in the Amiga and this project. Obviously I can't say too much about the "HDF game pack" because of forum rules. Although the last collection totaled ~8GB iirc and some of that was "fluff". Ransom is hardcore and included HDF conversions of CD32 and CDTV titles last time round, I expect he'll have done it again for "reasons". It doesn't make much sense for us to use these, as they lack the FMV and the audio. We already use the proper CD rips for those systems anyway and they're both in a pretty good state, as far as the database and media goes.
  10. Small update.... Message from Ransom, my friend down under in the early hours of the morning. Out of the 3,500 HDF files, he has just FIFTY of them left to make! He'll then do a file compare to the WHDLoad collection and make sure no games are missing from the collection. It should total around 10GB. He apologised for how long this has taken, as he got slightly side tracked with other things. Honestly it's an insane amount of work he's put into this project. For his own sanity it probably was wise to turn to other projects occasionally....they say a change is as good as a rest I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the collection relatively soon. Creating the new Databases for AGA and ECS/OCS games, then moving on to check missing media that needs to be sorted out.
  11. Once you change the names they won't match the database. So it too needs editing and then all media needs to also be renamed to match! I have an Amiga Forever project on the go to sort out the mess that is the Amiga. A new database and media with static sensible naming, rather than the WHDLoad zips which keep changing with each update. So...The incredibly easy way to "rename the files" would be to instead search out the Amiga HDF game collection done by a good friend of mine. These are the latest WHDload zips converted to the HDF file format which has better compatibility with emulators on other platforms (Android, RPI etc) but equally as good on PC. He's currently working on a new HDF collection which should be complete before the end of the year. He's ditched the naming used in the WHDLoad zips
  12. Good to know BUT I don't update my Mame set with each increment. I also have Atomiswave as naomi.bin conversions as these were compatible before mame zip files. These work on Windows with RA 1.7.8 64bit with the Flycast core but not on the Android build, so as far as I'm concerned it still has issues. The libretro team have admitted they're struggling to find people to compile the cores for 64bit. Now Google are forcing the 64bit route, let's hope RA64 improves sooner than it would have otherwise
  13. That's not true. The Daphne core doesn't work (or the alpha test core), Flycast will play Dreamcast but naomi/atomiswave games aren't working from my experience. Dolphin core has gfx glitches so isn't really an alternative to the standalone emulator. I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting off the top of my head
  14. Yes Reznnate did Hyperspin on Android for the Shield Portable, which I guess we could say is the grand daddy for Nintendo's Switch. He did a great job but sadly it's lacking a lot of features which other frontends on Android do provide. I use HS more as a party piece to show off to friends, AB I use more as it's on the STV and my phone. I've spoken to Freelancer the AB developer about using assets from Hyperspin's directories (i.e the video snaps), rather than having to double up on the files. We've also requested that videos can play in the background, then we could use "cinematic themes" to get something that looks very similar to what Hyperspin gives us now. So yes I might well too remove Hyperspin from my Shield TV BUT it will stay on my PC which is used for emulation. Although people seem to prefer Launchbox on PC for it's ease of setup, power users integrate Rocketlauncher with it so the ease of use argument then goes out the window. I'll stick with Hyperspin and continue to contribute to the community here
  15. 1.7.8 (which defaults to 64bit) didn't work for me with Hyperspin, granted I didn't spend much time with it as 64bit is useless to me. Cataclysm67 said he couldn't get it working either no matter what he tried. That's why I started this thread, so other members wouldn't break their setup. So Hyperspin will need fixing unless you can shed any light on the subject. I don't expect anything to be done until the 64 bit build matures and is worth using over 32bit. ZeroJay had limited success integrating both 32 and 64bit RA support into HS, so I don't hold much hope of Retroarch_ra32.apk being added in
  16. I don't expect an official fix until the 64bit versions are actually worth using! If there's enough demand, I'll do a video & provide the apk to get RA 1.7.7 installed and working with Hyperspin again for those who updated and are struggling.
  17. From what I read Launchbox on Android imports from a PC setup you have to already have ? I use AB and Hyperspin. AB works with the voice search which is a nice feature. If I say Mortal Kombat, AB shows the games and KODI shows the movies I have in their Libraries. Although yes HS looks more "flash" with the animated themes but AB does now support video files. I think we need the dust to settle. Retroarch 64 has been in a sorry state for a while now BUT with Google forcing devices to use 64bit if it's native to the device, we should start to see RA64 improve. When RA64 is in a better state Hyperspin could then be made to use the 64bit version as default, as it's only compatible on the STV which is a 64bit device.
  18. Glad to hear you're up and going now. FYI if you want to thank us that's what the little mushroom is for on the posts we make I can't answer that question, not being difficult it's forum rules stopping me. Funnily enough I said to Ransom ages ago that he should do a small base image and the games as separate "packs". He said 128GB cards are cheap and that was that lol You're better off waiting for him to complete the new HDF collection now, that I mentioned in the previous post. I'm sure he'll do an image for the RPI, although he is working on an Android setup as well as he's an STV owner. He'll finish that before you start from scratch
  19. Yes you can do that, although you may notice input lag. I can recommend the alternate Frontend Arc Browser. I told the developer about the Retroarch issue and he's already implemented a fix to use the retroarch_ra32.apk. I know it costs money to buy the app but seeing as it's actively developed and Hyperspin on Android isn't, you can't really complain. You can use it on the Shield TV and an Android phone, it also can be shared with your family if you use that account feature with Google Play. He creates presets for the systems and their emulators so setup is actually very easy to do, it can scrape the internet for metadata and artwork too.
  20. If we click on them it loads a page with the image. Circo has been on the case lately working on the website to fix issues, he's been laid up for months with a broken leg (as have I). Raise the issue on the site maintenance thread and I'm sure he'll look into it. Nice looking little cabinet. Loved seeing the Lemmings walking off the blocks, that's a nice touch us Amiga fans can appreciate
  21. Straight from the Horse's mouth! Ransom let me know exactly what stage he's at converting the Amiga WHDLoad collection. Looks like I'll be able to crack on with the PC side of things pretty soon Once that's done I can see what state Android emulation is in and turn my attention to that. If you thought Ransom was being "lazy" or "slacking off". Do be aware both of us have been assisting Inolen, the developer of the Sega Dreamcast emulator called Redream. I pushed for launch intent to be implemented and tested it, as well as looking for bugs to be squished. So if you're enjoying using that emulator on your Shield TV with Hyperspin, we both had a little something to do with it. Rest assured Amiga is still a priority though
  22. Can we now download from the attachments made in posts Circo? Hope you're recovering well, I broke my leg end of January and still not 100%. So I do quite literally feel your pain.
  23. Long over due update video! Latest version of UAE4ARM is now working again on the STV! More info about the project to let you guys know what's going on AND teasers for some other projects I have planned for the new year ahead
  24. I do have a complete set BUT it wouldn't really help, you would need an identical setup to me. i.e Kickstart roms, uae and hdf files in specific folders, all as I have them named as each uae file is referencing these files and their locations. Create a uae file using the UAE4ARM's GUI and make sure the hdf game is loading and playing correctly from with in the emulator. It's VERY important that the uae file name you save has NO SPACES in it! This is the most common mistake people make and is most likely why Arc Browser can't load your games. The WHDLoad file names use underscores (_) in them instead of space, which will work if you use those in your uae file names. However Arc Browser might have trouble scraping from those names. Hope that helps, if you're still struggling post back.
  25. No worries. I've now updated the link with the new uae4arm (beta).apk https://mega.nz/#!TYMQQKob!9pzwooQbkxVd-__mwmqtFWNF9JSR7D7rEgY8tqu31Vg
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