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  1. Oh dear! Sounds like it would be a good idea then to make a backup of the drive as is. You could always do a Windows 10 upgrade install over 7 and revert back again should you choose.
  2. 1) Windows 10 has had some serious problems with the updates they've released, not helped by the fact the OS forced you to install them. I heard some people having issues with HS and the latest Windows 10 build 1903 but I've not encountered any issues of yet. Other than the update fiasco I'm pretty happy with 10 over 7. 2) You can use XBMC Launcher/ Launcher4kodi and just shell HS instead of Kodi. 3) I'm pretty sure you can import all your old purchases into Pinball FX3 (https://www.pinballfx.com/?page_id=7115) 4) I did tweak around to "unlock" the EVA (Cortana) voice for text to speech and use that with Hyperspeech. Not sure if you use that but I like that Hyperspin feels more integrated with the Windows 10 OS, having the same voice. You're probably not that bothered as you want to shell HS, where as I use Kodi as a "console like dashboard" to load Hyperspin, play movies, music and launch other stuff. I do that for both my Shield TV box and my PC
  3. Slow and steady wins the race Bit late now I know BUT here's a little painting tip. Put the paint tray inside a rubbish bag. When you're finished painting you can remove the paint tray which will still be clean and just throw away the rubbish bag
  4. It'll work. We use retroarch to do this system on Hyperspin's Android version. On PC, Rocketlauncher might not recognise Retroarch as a default emulator for that system. That can fixed easily enough, you'd be better off figuring out which other systems you might want to use RA for before doing the "fix". Worry about playing the games first in RA, if you have issues with Rocketlauncher post back
  5. Don't use the nightly builds then. You should expect some issues with them, download the latest stable release from the website (not Google playstore). I do use RA for a lot of systems. Although PPSSPP has a standalone version which is free. N64 has Mupenplus FZ as a standalone which is also free. I use those over RA cores. I understand why people want to use RA to do as many systems as possible but sometimes standalone emulators are a better option.
  6. Yeah PinballFX is awesome, play it on my Android phone and Shield TV allll the time. Star Wars: Star Fighter Assault blew my mind when I first played it! Any who... Newer stuff. Well yes technically there are PC games that could be played (e.g the latest Mortal Kombat). I was actually referring to systems like Taito Type X, Sega Ring Edge/Ring Wide/Lindbergh, NesicaXlive etc. These are basically PC's in official arcade cabinets if you do your homework. Yes there's games like Street Fighter IV but it runs the gamut. King of Fighters XIII, Sega Rally 3, Chase HQ 2, Mario Kart DX, After Burner Climax to name a very select few. That's not even scratching the light gun games like Sega's Golden gun, Elevator Action, House of the dead 4, Rambo etc. I realise some of these games might not appeal to you or your build. For me I like to get as much done as is possible, to "justify" the expense of the "arcade machine". I'm not limited really by my machine, just my imagination and how much work I'm willing to put in over time.
  7. Hate to say I told you so Awesome news, glad to see it resolved and you're more than happy! That's quite a cool looking Cocktail cab. Not sure I like the graphics on top BUT I do like the "Harlequin" colours added by the buttons Next investment should be a half height Nvidia GPU (750 or 1050Ti), then you can do Taito Type X etc and have some even better looking Arcade games on there, not just the Mame stuff!
  8. Many CD systems can be done as CHD. So Dreamcast for example, the gdi files can be converted to CHD which takes up less space than the cdi format. PlayStation pbp files are meant for the PSP, you can have issues using those files with emulators
  9. Yes that's basically true, which is why a new 3000 series APU/CPU would have been better. As the IPC would be better... More instructions per clock means more work done. Then overclocking increases the clock speed meaning even more work gets done. Graphics are still a factor. What you need to do is look into using the Vulkan API whenever possible, instead of opengl. This will depend on the emulator. You can buy half height Nvidia GPUs which are tiny. Do what your budget allows, even if it is 2nd hand stuff there's nothing wrong with that. Even an old 750ti would be OK but there are HH 1050ti's and even a 1650 due out by Zotac. The beauty of this hobby is you can gradually add more systems & parts over time. More modern arcade machines are in fact PCs. So look into Taito Type X, NesicaXlive, Sega Ring Wide, Ring edge, Lindbergh etc. These systems/games are the really fussy ones about using Nvidia but are also the better looking arcade games like Street Fighter IV etc.
  10. Yeah doesn't surprise me, wrong switch was my next suggestion. If you hold a PC power button down for 10 seconds or so, it will power off the machine as you're describing. Your PSU is OK I've used those, modular cables is a bonus in a small cabinet build. I'm not a fan of AMD APU builds personally. The 3000 series are due out soon but you've bought that 2200 now. Just keep in mind that many emulators don't like AMD graphics, the opengl performance is piss poor. At some point you'll probably want to add a dedicated Nvidia GPU (even if it's 2nd hand). All the best with your project
  11. No you don't use HyperHQ on Android. You've posted in right place but forum members are used to hearing about PC problems. Android is a much smaller part of the community. Any who... First thing that springs to mind is check the spelling of your Nintendo DS.xml file. Hyperspin is incredibly fussy the slightest typo causes all kinds of issues. Double check the ini file name just incase, as if this is wrong you'll have other issues too. It's also possible your default/game theme zip is corrupted, or using two many swf files within it etc. Sadly not all PC themes are Android compatible and this will cause a "crash" back to the main menu. Report back, if you're still struggling we'll get there eventually
  12. The OP hasn't actually said what the machine is. Iirc the Dell OEM machines can have odd wiring for the power switch. There's already a thread discussing this on the forum if that's the case
  13. Downloading attachments in posts is broken currently
  14. You might want to look into using symlinks as this can also save you some storage. "Systems" like Capcom Classics, Midway Classics, Irem Classics etc. are using Mame media. No need to have multiple copies of the same files in these Classics folders, that's where symlinks come in. I think ninja2bceen did a video about it on his planetgeekdom YouTube channel.
  15. A video for you to understand how it's done.The xml and ini contents I promised are below... Contents of my Doom Classics.xml for you to copy: <menu> <game image="" index="false" name="Doom/DOOM"> <description>The Ultimate Doom</description> <cloneof/> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>id Software</manufacturer> <year>1995</year> <genre>First Person Shooter</genre> <rating>ESRB-Mature 17+</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> <game image="" index="false" name="Doom2/DOOM2"> <description>Doom 2</description> <cloneof/> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>id software</manufacturer> <year>1994</year> <genre>First Person Shooter</genre> <rating></rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> <game image="" index="false" name="Sigil/SIGIL"> <description>Doom: Sigil</description> <cloneof/> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>id Software</manufacturer> <year>2019</year> <genre>First Person Shooter</genre> <rating>ESRB-Mature 17+</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> </menu> Snippet from my Doom Classics.ini file: [exe info] path= rompath=/storage/emulated/0/Hyperspin/Roms/Ports userompath=true exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=WAD,wad parameters=cores/prboom_libretro_android.so searchsubfolders= pcgame=false winstate=HIDDEN hyperlaunch=true [filters] parents_only=false themes_only=false wheels_only=false roms_only=false
  16. Yes it's frustrating, you've just come back at a bad time. The Hyper list section is way out of date. We do rely on grabbing the newest database files from official threads. I'm sorry you lost your setup. I hope once you're up and going again that you do make a backup. Lessons hard learned, are well learned. You've been away and come back. It'll be much the same for others, we do stuff in our free time. Maybe someone can upload all their database files to mega/Google drive etc. To help you out short term. (P. S I have a broken leg too, so getting on my PC is awkward to say the least. Usually I'd be happy to help further)
  17. Attachments in posts are broken currently, that's why it's not working
  18. As we celebrate 25 years of DOOM! John Romero has brought us SIGIL, an unofficial 5th chapter to the original game. So as Retroarch's Prboom core has now been updated to support it...figured I should really add it to my Doom Classics wheel... Threw together a Sigil theme, wheel art and video snap. I was pleasantly surprised, that the prboom core now played the midi music natively. Doom 1&2 originally required me to add the music tracks as mp3 files.
  19. Figured I might as well showcase what the Dreamcast looks like on my Shield TV...
  20. This is the android part of the forum dude. I don't want to confuse the thread. When I'm next on the PC I'll upload the module and give you a link via PM. I don't know if redream has a dedicated thread for PC users. Keep in mind it doesn't currently support WinCE Dreamcast games. Any game listed as broken #85 on their compatibility page is WinCE
  21. For rocket launcher? Yes, I do have one on my PC setup. Can't recall where I got it though... Quite possibly the RL forums
  22. Yes and no. You can pay for a premium licence. Only benefit is it allows you to increase internal resolution beyond what the Dreamcast originally had. The Android and PC licences are separate. Keep that in mind, buying for one doesn't cover the other.
  23. Happy to help My testing on the STV has been limited, I was holding off for frontend support. Now that's in place I'll see how far it can go in "premium mode", upping the internal resolution. We did notice stutters on android phones, when the games are located on an sdcard. My STV has an sdcard slot, tried the same sdcard on there and it doesn't stutter at all. Great bit of kit
  24. Frontend support is now in place! I'll give a link to my other thread, that helps you understand using redream below... https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/40101-understanding-sega-dreamcast-using-redream/?tab=comments#comment-319619
  25. Snippet from my Dreamcast ini file below... [exe info] path= rompath=/storage/emulated/0/Hyperspin/Roms/Sega Dreamcast userompath=true exe=io.recompiled.redream/io.recompiled.redream.MainActivity romextension=cdi,gdi,chd parameters= searchsubfolders=true pcgame=false winstate=NORMAL hyperlaunch=true [filters] parents_only=false themes_only=false wheels_only=false roms_only=true
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