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  1. kreator


  2. kreator

    Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    It will be great to sync only one system :-) Please By the way, thanks for this great soft. Party on !!!
  3. kreator

    MFME Fruit Machines XML

    Hi Callows I don't know if i'm allowed to post links here. But search in Google "Pleasuredo". And the first result is that web. Cheers
  4. kreator

    Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    Hi i solve this error downgrading the Rocketlauncher. Now working my module is 1.46.5. But may be since i did it there is an update that works.
  5. kreator

    Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    Great. i'll check in Google :-) Thanks again. And if you could zip your pack would be great :-) thanks again.
  6. kreator

    Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    Hi again Metalzoid. Thanks for all the guides :-) Finally i downgraded the RL and everything is working again :-) ScummVM find the zipped roms again, Pinball Arcade is working again with the old module 1.45.6 ( i have all these tables, if i use another module with my tables inside the field "MYtables", the PA start but did navigate thru the menus) and the Pinball FX2 is working too and i didn't get the error message " point to a file not a folder....) Great. i'll not upgrade again without a backup :-P Another question, do you know where i can get wheels or videos for the Pinball arcade? I have already your themes :-) Thanks for your help.
  7. kreator

    Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    No i didn't make any backup. :-( i hope Gigapig had his Bulid HS v 1.07 I asked him if it's possible to get this old version. I installed it and everything worked for me :-) but after the update :-(.... I think that i can get everything running again only with the RL launcher folder (witout medias, bezels, etc..) only the files.
  8. kreator

    Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    Hi Yes i revert isd and ahk. :-( but no lucky. i'll look to revert RL to the prior version, i'll try to find a tutorial and the files. Coz now my scummVM configuration doesn't work too :-( now the program doesn't find the paths. And before the update did it :-) Can you tell me which versions of RL, RLUI, etc... do you have, please? Thanks alot
  9. kreator

    Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    Hi, thanks for the fast reply :-) I just updated everything yesterday, thinking that i was outdated :-( But now i opened the RLUI and i have 6 new updates. I aplied them and try again. Now i have: PA Module Emul. Version : 1.49.9 RL V.: RL DLL V.: RLUI V.: And i get the same error. Now i'll try to downgrade only the module to the one in this tutorial. I'll let you know what :-) Thanks for the help. EDIT: I downgraded the module to the tutorial one: PA Module Emul. Version : 1.48.7. I changed to I have all tables and deleted the ones in th field My_tables. And now i get this error: ScriptError - This is a folder and must point to a file instead: \ Maybe i get the error coz i upgraded all the RL. Thanks. EDIT 2: I just tried Pinball FX2, that i had it running before the upgrade, and i get the same error. Then waiting for a un upgrade :-)
  10. kreator

    Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    Hi Metalzoic, i need your help please. I had the Pinball arcade running, but after the last module update it doesn't work. :-( Now i don't have all the tables and i deleted the missing ones from your tables list and add it to My tables field. sorted, etc... I followed the Tutorial again. But now, always i get the same error message: (i have it in spanish but the translation is something like this) Spanish Error: ScriptError - RLDLL.splitPath - Exception thrown: 0x80070057 - El parámetro no es correcto. Source: RocketLauncher Description: La ruta de acceso no tiene un formato válido. HelpFile: (null) HelpContext: 0 TRanslated Error: ScriptError - RLDLL.splitPath - Exception thrown: 0x80070057 - The parameter is incorrect. Source: RocketLauncher Description: The path does not have a valid format. HelpFile: (null) HelpContext: 0 Please can you tell me what i'm doing wrong.Please? Thanks a lot.
  11. kreator

    MSX art

    Hi, i have few msx Wheels, if you want i can share it with you to try to complete the set. I have it not complete, but i have few. Cheers
  12. kreator

    MFME Fruit Machines XML

    HI i'm new with the Fruit Machine system, and i would like to get it working in my computer :-) Can you help me, plz, where i can get a pack with the Fruit Machines? If you cannot post here the name of the "PD" website could you send me a PM with it,please? Thanks
  13. kreator

    (Update 4/13/2015) Website move complete

    Nice site :-) The show must go on !!! PArty On !!