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  2. Kind of weird to quote my own post, but forgot to add -- The TECMO portion was done by THK, as well. In fact I got it from his Arcade Manufacturer Logo Thread... http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/14278-official-manufacturer-logos-thread/page-1 All I did was add the sprites. And while I'm at it here's the original size I had... In case if you guys want to change the sprites...
  3. Hey frère Darius! Je suis dans une bibliothèque publique avec mon client en ce moment (travail), mais quand je rentre chez moi, je vais poster ici pour vous.
  4. Think of your brain as an attic. Walls can not expand. DO NOT fill your brain with useless knowledge!

  5. Don't worry I agree with you 100%. I wish I could spill the beans on everything! P.S. -- Yes, it will be that revolutionary.
  6. Yeah, we all would, but just to reinsure you...It's not dead. Not even close. I'm not at liberty to say anything else.
  7. I'm not acting, plain and simple.
  8. I can ensure you 100% that Hyperspin is not dead. That is a FACT. Cant explain, but to reiterate...it is a fact.
  9. Hmm checking out the submissions..... Trying to conjure something up.....
  10. Plays a disservice to the community? Coming from a guy that is trying to spread the word that HyperSpin "the software" is dead and planting the idea that "one day" the community will die from it.... Yes, we can argue that there is a software side and an artwork side.... I get it.... One was inspired from the other blah blah blah..... Just stop with you're dead and dying talk. That is the TRUE DISSERVICE.
  11. "Hyperspin-fe.com" IS the artwork mecca, plain and simple. I didn't become inspired from launchbox, I haven't learned PhotoShop from launchbox. I learned it from the kickass artists that were originally inspired from HyperSpin. There is no difference between the software and the site. At least that's how I see it...but to each his own.
  12. HyperSpin is more than a frontend. It is also an Artwork Mecca. Sure, development has been slow, but next time you're messing with whatever setup you decide to use rather than hyperspin just remember where you're getting ALL of your artwork from... So my recommendation is to stop thinking of this place as just a crumbling entity and realize that it is just as strong as ever. As long as there are boxes, carts, themes, wheel logos, etc to be made...There will be people here cracking away at those things. Just sayin..... (Because you asked) P.S. - Shouldn't this thread already be marked as "answered" ?
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