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  1. FYI Here's the download if anyone wants to try. It lets you quickly add any Audio, Video, Text, Picture, or other exe file to a wheel in seconds, along with art for the wheel entry: https://jdm001.wixsite.com/jimmerscripts
  2. Screenshots, kind of grainy and I blacked out the unused tabs just to make it easier to see... but here's the whole interface.
  3. I never heard back from anyone... so, I guess no dice? By the way, I made a new utility for a group I'm in, it lets you quickly add stuff to a certain wheel without having to edit files. I included a zip file that had: SumatraPDF Free, Notepad++, IrfanView, and VLC Portable. In addition to those 4 small programs, i also set up a 5th option for web browser, it allows you to choose IE, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox. So, you can launch any text file (pdf, comic books, text files for cheats, introductions, walkthroughs etc), video or audio file (movies, background music etc) with VLC, images (screensavers, etc) with IrfanView, or Webpage in your preferred browser. It requires PCLauncher set up, and then it creates wheel art, and edits your XML and RL INI Module with the new entry. I made it for people new or not very good with adding to HS. By looking at the program and testing, it might be worth putting on the HS site. It lets you choose where your files are on first run so that it can be flexible for users with custom setups.
  4. I messaged BadBoyBill, figured I'd start right at the top
  5. I need to revise all of them, i made them specific for my drive, and i used: D:\Arcade\ as my root, and then have everything in D:\Arcade\HyperSpin\ etc, so, I just need to change a dozen lines of code to ask for a users' HS directory, then save an INI file.
  6. The best part is I made a gui that is super-easy to use. Non-technical person can drag and drop roms directly into the GUI and it spits out an AHK file they can then run themselves. Here's a screenshot: I have a handful of other ideas... I've never done any other coding, only AutoHotkey and only for about two months... but, I've learned (and created) a lot in that time, think my ideas might be worth a look for future version. Would love to help!
  7. I've also created a really cool script for RL that is called AutoRun.... basically, you load up to 10 games into a gui. You can choose to add an intro video... and, you can even chop up the video into sections with start and end segments. This allows you to take a youtube video example Angry Video Game Nerd's Top 10 Worst NES games for example. You can have it play the time in the video he talks about the #10 worst game. It then launches the #10 worst game he mentions. When you're done, hit escape and it autolaunches the #9 segment of the video. When that is finished playing it auto loads the next #9 worst game, and so on. The great part of this is with and without the video; you can make custom lists and put them on a wheel. That wheel can be called "guided access" for example, and, when you have kids over, or not-very-smart friends... ie anyone you don't want poking around your HyperSpin setup; you can launch one AHK file and have them do a round robin of up to 10 games-- all without ever entering HS until the very end. It also has a list area where you can put game descriptions; it then puts a black background on your main & 2nd (optional) monitor. This shows the games in-order and brief descriptions... great for 2nd monitor setups, so you can see the next upcoming game; while also hiding cluttered desktops etc. This isn't on the site I created though. Brand new. Would love to help the dev team. Might be something dev team would be worth looking at incorporating?
  8. I made a crappy website and threw all the scripts on pastebin linked here: https://jdm001.wixsite.com/jimmerscripts If any interest here, I'll rework some of the scripts to prompt user where their HyperSpin root directory is, and make setup INI files etc. These were just posted as-is for the group that we all use same structure (C:\Arcade\HyperSpin\, or D:\Arcade\HyperSpin\) so I never had to edit. Let me know if I should rework and submit for this site, and, if there's any interest in me helping for the dev team as a contributor for small extra stuff like this. I have a couple other ideas that might be of interest.
  9. Sure, here's a few examples I have saved online. This first one is a RL auto-list that is a proof of concept. I made a utility that takes a top10 list video, plays the video, then plays the rom mentioned in the video. It then plays the #9 entry in the video (say timeframe of 82 seconds to 110 seconds) and then auto launches that game mentioned as #9. When you escape out of it it plays the #8 video, then the #8 rom. This is more RL than HS, and also requires VLC; but, shows what I've made so far: https://pastebin.com/hfPwU4ip This is an older copy of a settings saver I made. It saves my game saves, joystick settings, few other things to a zip file. It's great for if you have to format drive, or if you have have a portable setup that you bring to parties, friends, etc... I got tired of remapping Joy2Key for different controllers, so I made this: https://pastebin.com/wpJT7zeM And here's an old version of a Move & Linker I made. When I was running out of space on one drive; I put a bunch of my MAME roms on another drive and then put MKLinks to everything. I figured other people might want or have use for it. It asks for a folder, then where you want to move it. It then makes all the MKLinks to link the old directory to point to the new directory. https://pastebin.com/sy5uM0EQ EDIT: Yes, this one is old and breaks, I since fixed it but have files at home. These are early examples, I can post updated scripts later.
  10. Sure, I'm still new but maybe I can help. I'm with a group of people that we all work together to make our drives better. The scripts are all based off the same format/layout of the drive, but, I can make them easily changed for out-in-the-open use with a simple "enter your directory for settings, xml databases, and rom folders" etc. I'll post it tonight when have access to scripts.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to find if there's a set release date (I've seen the video on AVArchivist youtube about new update); is there a date or can someone estimate how far along they are on the release? IE 80%, 90? etc? Will it have 'nested' or 3 level views of wheels (Grouped systems, then system, then wheel), or HyperSpeech, HyperXMLSpin, or other 3rd party support built in? Also, are they looking for any help with AHK coding or ideas? I've only been doing AHK for a couple months, but, I've created some pretty unique stuff for HyperSpin (and RocketLauncher) using autohotkey. I've refined Stephan Gagne's and ***drive seller*** hybird "swapper method" script for 3rd level nested HyperSpin view. I've also created scripts that integrate with 3rd party software that does video background screen savers on desktop, but, it also integrates with RL to auto-launch a background video on 2nd monitor of the selected system for the rom chosen... ie if you choose an arcade game from Mame, it plays your Mame system video on 2nd monitor. If you have EDS/HyperMarquee on 2nd monitor, it'll be visible over the video so it won't hurt or affect anything, and can be easily turned off. Few others like a mass-system wheel sounds turn on/off (instead of HyperHQ wheel by wheel), etc. Msg me if interested in seeing anything of them.
  12. FYI for anyone interested, I GOT IT! Wow, that was a nightmare, but finally got it working. A friend tipped me off to use Nested Hyperspin "swapper method" and to launch it outside of HS. I used the "swapper" method from u/StefanGagne: This method runs an app and re-launches Hyperspin (for his setup below, it launches a NEW version of Hyperspin after swapping out XML files to make a "Nested Hyperspin" Amazing stuff). For me, I use it to close hyperspin, launch my exe program outside of HyperSpin avoiding the hanging 'waiting for exit' command. Works like a charm. Nested Hyperspin: https://www.reddit.com/r/HyperSpin/comments/4hvhzq/nested_hyperspin_the_easy_way/ If any interest in my "Ambient Noise" Background Wheel, I'll post a self-extracting 7zip file for you. This is in a wheel called "Utility Wheel" along with iRotate (to rotate screen from horizontal, to vertical, and back; all within HyperSpin!), and iMousey (to enable showing mouse and hide it again; useful for some stubborn apps that will or wont show mouse when you want it to). The wheel has 7 "ambient noise" backgrounds mostly from the great work of Andy Hofle: http://arcade.hofle.com/ You launch the "ambient noise" background file that you want; and it plays in the background as you browse games. When you start a game and are ready to play; simply hit the #5, #6, or #1 keys (default P1 or P2 Coin, or P1 Start) and it shuts off and shuts down the small VLC program playing audio in background. It gives you that nostalgic feeling of browsing through a 1980's arcade to pick out a game; or a 1970s pinball hall, or a 1990s Chuck-e-Cheese (kids screaming, loud buzzers, singing anamatronic dolls in background lol). I'll package it up into a 7zip you can extract and install if any interest. Thanks to all whom tried to help!
  13. Thank you for responding! I'm launching through VLC using PCLauncher; how does RL even know if it's running or not? If I hit "escape" manually while it's running; the exe stays open and I can play the MP3. I just can't seem to get the escape key to send to Hyperspin... also, sometimes script hotkeys no longer work if i hit escape and it does the "Game over" screen. The MP3 is still running; but my script to shut it down lo longer responds. There's something goofy between RL/PClauncher and AutoHotKey... hoping someone can help me figure it out.
  14. Could audio be an issue that prevents a rom from launching? When I get the audio working, other roms won't run. I found this doing some google searching today: On the setup I'm using a pair of headphones on my headphone jack port or line out port (depending on which I plug it into at the time). Could audio 'fool' HyperSpin into not responding if i try to launch a rom while audio is playing on the main audio output??
  15. Yes, that's what gave me the idea. First, it changes with each wheel and I wanted it to stay continuous as I browse through all my system and collection wheels. Second, I want my guests (users) to be able to choose it. It'll be my first wheel and I might put something like "choose your experience" etc for them to choose the ambient background atmosphere. User can't choose or stop it if i set up in HyperHQ. THank you for the reply though! Can anyone help on this? Am I missing some type of setting or something?
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