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  1. If Ipac has a record macro option, that would be easiest (thats what I used in ds4windows) My saved macro output said “H:2000”, if that helps. Hope this works for you (and others on this thread).
  2. The way I did this was through an option to record a macro and assign it to a button in the PS4 key bindings menu in ds4windows. (Sorry, my solution was pretty specific to my set up) I wasn’t able to do this through rlui, but it’s possible I might have missed something. I believe I have “suspend frontend” on (not near my pc currently) To do this with different controller setup, you might be able to make a simple script with something like AutoHotKey so that then Hyperspin is in focus, any time game select/launch (Enter for me) button is hit, hold it for 2 seconds. note: you will want this to only trigger in hs, as it would be crappy to have a button stuck down for 2 sec when playing game
  3. I know this thread is old af, I but wanted to share a reliable and easy workaround. While experimenting for a solution, I noticed input is blocked if you hold down the game select button (in my case, ENTER) So I made a macro to hold Enter for 2 seconds when the game select button is hit in Hyperspin. This solved the issue for me (For referance, In my set up, I am using ds4windows and a PS4 pad/controller)
  4. MikeyWave

    HyperSpin is lagging something fierce

    So glad I found this thread...I got this all of a sudden after using HS on Windows 10 for the last 6 months. Thought I was going insane when everything on my computer was working except HS exe. (Even my old backups would take 3 mins to launch.) God forbid Windows defender tell you what it's doing when it's holding up an exe :/
  5. Getting this issue today...Anyone know if it has it been down this whole time? "Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server" err...now its working...I'll see myself out.
  6. I just saw that the latest 4/20/16 rocketlauncher has "suspend frontend" option under global/system settings. I'm wondering if this fixes the issue...has anyone try this? I would try myself, but I've been reading of many issues people are having with emus not launching, fade errors, etc on
  7. I get the OP's issue on my setup as well (hs 1.3.3 rocketlauncher, ds4windows with ps4 wireless controllers.) This issue occurs when a direction is hit right after selecting a game, but before the game actually launches. It's happens more frequently with emulators that take a sec to launch after selecting the game. I tried to set block input option in rocketlauncher ui to 2 seconds, but this only takes affect once the rom is actually running and in focus. Is there a way to block input the instant a game is selected, but before the emu/game launches for 1-2 seconds? Maybe with a launch script?
  8. Heh, looks like us noobs are on our own out here I solved my original issue with a CLEAN HyperSync reinstall>update: 1. Delete Hypersync application folder and HyperSync folder in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming 2. Re download > unzip > run wyUpdate 3.Launch and set your system (then click update check to be sure it updated) As for your issue, The list on the right only shows system wheels that are present in Hyperspin. Just open HyperHQ and add the system wheel for the ones you want. They will then appear in that list on the right. also, be sure "sync system" button at the bottom is turned on too or the system won't appear on the sync page.
  9. MikeyWave

    HyperSync and Playstation 2

    I was also having some problems with HyperSync recently. I reinstalled > reupdated and it seemed to fix most of my problems, but I noticed some systems won't find any art. Apple II for example...or maybe there just simply is not art for Apple wheel availible
  10. MikeyWave

    HyperSync and Playstation 2

    If you hit Update Database in the system setup screen (arcade icon) for ps2, that should give you a fresh updated database xml.
  11. On Hypersync, under the sync tab menu, the system pull down menu is not showing all my systems that are linked and set to "sync system" under the Arcade icon/Media config menu. My steps: 1. Launch Hypersync, log in and click arcade icon 2. select a system (say, Apple II), assign the system, turn on sync system, hit close 3. Click Sync tab and click systems pulldown menu 4. Apple II is not in the list Thanks in advance for any help!