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Vewlix Cabinet

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Yo, first off I'd like to say thanks to my mate @ci2own whose been a great inspiration and great help with everything! :hi:

So I've started building my cabinet finally... It's going to be a stand up Vewlix style cabinet.


Control Panel Parts:

x1 - I-PAC Ultimate I/O Interface with full wiring harness (4.8mm switch connectors)

x2 - PCB Mounting Feet
x1 - Daisy-Chain Harness (4.8mm Connectors)
x4 - Extension Harness Pack (4.8mm Connectors)
x2 - ServoStik
x2 - RGB Illuminated Handle for Servostik

x1 - ServoStik Control Board

x2 - Joystick Mounting Kits

x30 - Classic RGB LED Pushbuttons (500mm LED Wiring)

x1 - Knobs for SpinTrak Large (Silver)

x1 - SpinTrak Rotary Control (No Cable)

x1 - Flyweight for SpinTrak (Large)

x1 - U-TRAK FlushMount Arcade Trackball (U-Trak Pearl with USB2 + Cable)

x1 - U-Trak RGB LED Illumination Kit

x1 - Trim Bezel for U-Trak
x1 - U-HID Nano PCB with USB cable
x2 - AimTrak Light Gun Boxed Black (With Recoil (Excl PSU))

x2 - AC 100V-240V Converter Adapter DC 36V 3A Switching power supply Charger DC 5.5mm

x1 - Super IR Bar for Aimtrak with USB cable

x2 - Holster for Aimtrak
x1 - Digital/Analog Plunger No Ball Shooter Assembly - Standard Series
x1 - Williams Ball Shooter Mechanism
x4 - Sony 4" 3 Way Speakers XS-FB103E

x1 - SMSL Q5 Pro
x4 - Monacor SG-100 Decorative Speaker Grill 4"
x2 - Xbox One Wireless Controller White (Added Grip)

x2 - Controller Gear Xbox One White Controller Stand v2.0
x1 - Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing (Xbox One and PC)

x1 - Logitech Driving Force Shifter


x1 - Intel Core i7 7700K
x1 - ASUS ROG Maximus IX Code
x1 - ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
x1 - G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3200 
x1 - EVGA Supernova G2 750W
x1 - LG 43UD79-B 43" 4K
x1 - Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD
x2 - Seagate Barracuda Pro 10TB
x1 - Noctua NH-D15
x1 - Arctic Silver 5
x1 - Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5






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Another little update. Cut the pieces for the base so I can join the two pieces in the above image. I also cut two pieces for the control panel, this was cut now so I have the same measurement from the bottom to the top.

The two pieces on the left are for the control panel.

The one in the middle is to hold the box at the top.

The two on the right are for the base.

Just need to glue and drill the pieces tomorrow after work and hopefully it will start looking like something!


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10 minutes ago, gigapig said:


Cool is that expensive and are you covering the whole thing with it?

Yeah I'll be covering the entire thing with it.

Got it off ebay buy two rolls get one free. Cost AUD $86.94 includes $34.98 AUD shipping.

Matte black vinyl wrap: 6000 mm x 1520 mm
(free) Matte white vinyl wrap: 3000 mm x 1520 mm

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26 minutes ago, Bungles said:

That looks so smooth.. :)

Nice work so far, cant wait to see a finished result. 


Cheers. I'm from Melbourne Australia so maybe when its done will have some drinks and some arcade fun :)


24 minutes ago, tripoz2 said:

Great skills,  looking very good. 

Cheers, I have to do a lot of double checking as I'm making the measurements as I go.

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Been a bit busy the last 2 weeks so I haven't had any time for the cabinet :( but today I fixed up gaps, covered screw holes and added threaded inserts to the wood so the control panel can be screwed into it without constantly screwing into the MDF which will loosen the holes not good! Also I'll be using the white brackets so that I can face the control panel upwards so I can move this through my doors :D and traveling and finally I got the rest of the base covered with vinyl!



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