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  1. JOY2KEY issue on certain keys

    Makes sense to just have a program profile set up in J2K for that emu and you're done. Provided the background process is properly set up in J2K, it's pretty much guaranteed to work. If it's a multi-system emu (MAME, for example) where this mapping would overlap other machines, you could set up system-specific key remapping in Rocketlauncher and that might work. I've found this doesn't ALWAYS work though, especially for PCLoader games that seem to completely override the remapping .ahk. I hear a lot of people bail on J2K, but it's always worked great for me, and it's not like you NEED to use it for very many emus.
  2. Your Hyperspin Cabinet. Share your experience

    IMHO getting the EMUs running really wasn't the most time consuming part. What will kill you will be solving the little problems. Like why does my emu window flicker for a second during fade in? Or why does my HS wheel show through my bezel? Or why do my games work fine in the EMU but there are problems when they run through the launcher? Or why can't I find a theme for the Korean fighting game "Rabbit"? Or why does the flash animation in a theme make my PC completely lock up during wheel selection? Trust me, you'll have the base foundation up and running in no time. It will be all the little things that will keep you up late. I would recommend getting everything running smoothly and looking pretty on each system, then move on. You can always add more games once each system is stable. And be prepared to have the artwork take some time - FTP is the ONLY way to go for this. You also might want to be forward-thinking when you set up your frontend and launcher. If you're new to this, you might not understand what I'm saying next, but you will soon enough. Try to put your HS and launcher folder on your computer's main directory (the C: drive for most) and make as many folder paths relative as you can. If you ever need to switch out your hard drive, you can then just take a few folders from your old drive, drop them on your C: directory and everything will magically work. But if you put some of your files in your pictures directory, then others in your documents, then others in downloads, etc, etc, it will be a nightmare to migrate the system. It might make sense at the time, but just consider what will happen if you need to move everything somewhere else, or if you decide to make another system, but with different hardware. Think modular, not system or hardware-specific. Last piece of advice. Be prepared to compromise quality for stability in some cases. A quick example: The AAE emulator is THE best looking vector EMU there is. It also hasn't been worked on in over 10 years, is WAY behind the times from a technical standpoint, isn't all that stable, and doesn't render in HD... but damn it sure makes those Asteroids shots stand out along with silky smooth frame rates. But MAME, when combined with proper HLSL effects, does a great job with vector games and is mega-stable....but you can just BARELY see those 1-pixel shots. So you compromise. Or you don't, and slug it out. I'll stop preaching. Have fun on the journey. I'm kind of sorry mine's over. Maybe I'll make a mini-arcade with only 1 JS and 3 buttons...
  3. Your Hyperspin Cabinet. Share your experience

    I just finished my cab and am tweaking the graphics, controls, etc. But I did the programming on a test CP for almost 3 years. I would recommend striving to get your system to the point where it is as stable as possible, then lock it down. I went through and deleted a ton of the less stable games in an effort to make the arcade experience as smooth as possible for the end user. Raiden IV, for example, or the Sega Model 2 games (Nebula Emu). I had also removed the Demul lineup (Naomi, Atomiswave), but the recent version of that emu is just too smooth not to include it. Back to the point - DO make sure you can easily access the usb ports within your cab so you can add games/software later (or install an external usb port). DO get everything stable with the latest versions of everything. Then DON'T get wound up in constant updates unless there is a dramatic benefit to doing so. Most of the emus haven't made any dramatic improvements in over a year due to reaching saturation, and the current versions of HS and RL are very stable.
  4. artman999999

  5. Composite inputs max out at 240i resolution, meaning you'll need to keep the text at a very large scale to be legible. 240i is the equivalent of a vcr or analog tv signal. Would be perfect for marquee graphics, though.
  6. NooB Question about existing cabinet

    Player 1's joystick will be right up against the inner edge of the cab, but I guess it would work.
  7. NooB Question about existing cabinet

    I'm just not sure if you have enough room for a 2-player cab. Maybe for a shmup or vertical scroller, where you have a stick and 2-3 buttons, tops. My cp is at 34 inches wide and is very comfortable to 2 players. But at nearly a foot more narrow, I just don't know if that will work in this cab.
  8. Version 174


    64bit MAME 174 patched with no-nag, no white windows, hi-score and forced direct input. Key items with this release: I promised an emailer earlier that I would put this out, and if I say I'm going to do it...it's gonna happen. So here it is. PLEASE stop asking for x86 versions, MAMEUIFX, etc. My rig doesn't use either one, so I don't compile them. Not being a jerk (at least, not deliberately). The good news: I don't THINK you need to update your file structure with this release. So you should be able to just overwrite your MAME 173 with the attached .exe and you're off and running. If you're upgrading from 172 or prior, do a full install from the MAME DEV website, then the overwrite the main program with the attached .exe. You might want to back up your mame.ini file and generate a new one, as the nonag diff used for 174 is much more integrated and KISS than ever before. EDIT - Skipgameinfo needs to be set to "1" in the mame.ini for all messages to be suppressed. The nonag allows you to keep the gameinfo if you still want it, but removes the "click OK or go LR" dialogue. The bad news?: On a minor note, the HLSL programming has changed, AGAIN. So the video settings you tweaked for hours to get "just right" might not look exactly the way they did in 173. The description of the changes was accidentally left out of the "whatsnew" file for this version, but can be seen at the very bottom of the Change Log below. Apparently one of the devs forgot to update that part of the .txt file when it was sent out to the dev team 2 days prior to release date. Not saying the changes are bad - it's just that your screen might not look exactly the same as it did in 173. If you're using 172 or earlier, you should already know the new file structure has completely changed the way HLSL settings are handled. Read my 172 or 173 download descriptions for more details on that. 6/8/2016 - IMPORTANT EDIT - The post.fx file in this release had an error that has since been corrected in the .git. Not my fault - it was part of the 174 source. MAME devs have since corrected the error and uploaded it to github. But if you don't want to wait for 175, I've already gotten it for you. It's now included as a second attachment - just overwrite the 174 post.fx file in the HLSL directory with this one and you're GTG. On a major note... Oh I'll just come out and say it... Who really cares about this release? It's not faster. If anything, the restructuring of the drivers, carts, etc continues to slow down the emulation. YES, I KNOW IT'S MORE ACCURATE TO THE WAY THE REAL HARDWARE WORKS. But when you just want to play the games do you really care? And what's new? MINOR bug fixes. Yet another incredibly-obscure title that now works on the Tiger Game handheld MESS emu and some improvements to the Apple 2 driver? More clones added? The improvement to Golden Tee Fore is notable, but it's really just a fix from the break that occurred from 172 to 173. The better support for DirectInput 8 is great and appreciated, but if your rig already works you don't care about this. The work on the MAME project is vast, requiring hundreds, perhaps thousands, of man-hours to produce. And to think of how far it's come in the last few years...astonishing. As a simple end-user, I am humbled and grateful to the MAME dev team. But guys...how about fixing Sega Model 1? Virtua Fighter is still broken. YEAH, IT RUNS, but look at it - shameful. HydroThunder? Or get Sammy Atomiswave / Naomi / Sega Model 2 to play at full speed? Who doesn't love some Capcom VS SNK? MetalliC over at Demul has done an EXCELLENT job with some of these. And Bart and Ian dev-ing Sega Model 3 over at SuperModel continue to pioneer development in the true spirit of bringing old games back to life. I told my emailer I wouldn't rant on this post, but it has to be said. This compile works great, so feel free to use it. And if you're using 173 already, I guess there's really no reason not to upgrade aside from the potential HLSL issues and romset updating. But personally, I'm still using 172 and couldn't be happier.
  9. My MAME 0.172 HLSL settings

    I prefer to set the module to "legacy only" so RL doesn't mess with my mame.ini, raster.ini, or vector.ini settings. Otherwise, RL may get in the way of what you're trying to do. Yes, you can set up per-game settings, but why not just set up per-game ini files and put them in the mame ini folder to get the same (even better) result? -A
  10. 4-way & 8-way arcade databases?

    retango put up a post for U360 programming that includes an INI with a lot of this information. You could open the .ini file in excel, autofilter by type, then use the results to construct the XML files. I realize it's not every game, but there's over 1000 here. I went ahead and exported it as .csv file, which may help. UltraStik 360 Programmer.zip
  11. My MAME 0.172 HLSL settings

    I personally like a little less bloom and more sharpness, but there's no denying this looks great.
  12. Model 3 / general question

    If you're interested. If not, nbd - http://www.mediafire.com/download/u727rib7ba64qa4/Supermodel-r382-x64.zip
  13. Model 3 / general question

    I've compiled SuperModel v382 - just did it yesterday. You want to give it a try and see if the problem persists? This version does NOT have the audio distortion present in the EmuCR versions.
  14. Version 173


    64bit MAME 173 patched with no-nag, no white windows, hi-score and forced direct input. Couple of key items with this release: MAME has once again updated files in the installation package, specifically in the "plugin" directory. As such, just overwriting your old pre-v173 mame64.exe with this new one will cause a lua script error at boot. At the very least, you must install the 173 package from the mamedev site, then overwrite your mame64.exe with the one included here. The mame.ini file has ALSO changed AGAIN, with some mame-induced changes and some from the no-nag patch, so re-create it with a mame64 -cc command and adjust accordingly if you don't like the included one. Remember, too, that the HLSL settings for raster and vector games (which covers just about every arcade game ever made) are in the "presets" folder. Changing them in the mame.ini won't do much, as the presets "raster.ini" and "vector.ini" take priority over any common settings. A "hi" folder must be created for your high-score storage, and a "hiscore.dat" must be placed in the MAME root directory. To help make this even easier, and based on some requests last time I posted this, I zipped the entire package for you and it's ready to go as-is. NO ROMS INCLUDED, OF COURSE. Unzip it somewhere safe, populate it with the contents of your current artwork, cfg, nvram, diff, roms, and preset folders and you're off and running. MY HLSL settings are here in their full glory if you want them, or trash them and use your own - what ever you prefer. If you've slaved over your current video settings to get them "just right" or like BGFX, then don't use my preset folder, generate a new mame.ini with the 173 mame64.exe and populate manually it as needed with your current mame.ini contents. 2 Last things: I had some requests after my v172 post to compile versions with raw input, or in 32bit. I'll be honest - I compile this for my system and dinput/64 bit is what I got. 'Nuff said. Secondly - I'm not a huge fan of this release. I actually had to pull the folder from my recycle bin after reading a post discussing the release earlier. IM(Humble)O, there are few reasons to upgrade from 172, and the speed of 173 seems to be slightly slower (about 1% on average) on the most demanding roms. I use mmpork, ibara, and pinkswts to test the speed of the emulator, and typically come in at 99% with v172. v173 is coming in about 98%, even with autoframeskip enabled, etc. I would COPY your critical folders to this version, then test a few roms with it before fully committing to it. If you've got an older system and you're a classic arcade purist, you won't care because you're not rocking CAVE roms, anyway. And you've got a banging MAME PC, then you won't care, either. My mame setup uses a Core i5 with 8g ram and a GTX 560 Ti graphics card. Not a gaming rig, but no slouch, either. So bear this in mind before you upgrade. And if 173 works great for you, that's great. EDIT - After running this on a similar PC with a slightly faster CPU (Core i5 3.3g vs Core i5 2.5g), I couldn't get any of my three test roms to drop below 100% emulation with the setting included in the DL. So no worries if your PC is decent. Final parting thought - BACK UP YOUR CURRENT MAME FOLDER AND COPY THE KEY FOLDERS INTO THE ATTACHED VERSION, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. The only folder I DIDN'T do this with was my roms folder, as it's WAY too big. That way, you get a working version AND there's no risk of losing hard work.