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  1. Agard

    Gemini Wing (Japan) ( gemini ) ( MAME ) 16:9

    Nice making a 16:9 theme of Gemini Wing, it's 1 of my favorite games I played on in the arcades back in the day. Great Work Skywatcher always good quality.
  2. great work my good friend
  3. Agard

    Genpei ToumaDen ( genpeitd ) ( MAME ) 16:9

    Very Nice & great to see translation artwork & wheel art too ! THANKS #MissingMameThemes
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I have taken the Cross Pang theme & added the new to it & changed a few things to make it slightly different for New Cross Pang & also included the logo for it too. Enjoy until someone does a complete new one but I think it's not on the theme makers most important to make a theme for but I think it's good enough as is. You decide Available on HyperSync
  5. Top class as always Skywatcher & great work for creating a missing MAME theme. THANKS #MissingMameThemes
  6. Agard

    Darwin 4078 (Japan) ( darwin ) ( MAME ) 16:9

    Another 1 off the missing MAME list top class Skywatcher THANKS #MissingMameThemes
  7. Nice 1 Skywatcher another MAME theme that was on the missing list. THANKS #MissingMameThemes
  8. Wow 2 missing MAME themes in a row Thanks Skywatcher great work as always. #MissingMameThemes Glad you included wheel art as the game won't show up otherwise in my wheel without it. I'm doing a wheel art collection as you know , i'm so glad your great at drawing. Thanks m8
  9. Agard

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Very nice & glad it was just a copy & paste over my old Hyperspin.exe as i wouldn't know how to start again from scratch as it took me months last time. I wasn't having any problems so it must be related to what brand of pc your using. THANKS