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  1. Thank you thats a really good how to as i have hyperspin on my personal laptop & pc where anyone can use in house, now hopefully they cant so will try to do. THANKS
  2. is there a way of completely disabling the option favourites as i never use it & hate it when it comes up by mistake pressing wrong option. thanks
  3. for some reason can't send u a message could you make your logo's larger for those that want to make themes for them. Also as you are good at logo's could you make this 1 ( Space Invasion ) ( sinvasn ) its commando for europe link to what it looks like https://www.gamesdatabase.org/media/arcade/artwork-high-score-screen/1985/space-invasion be nice to find icons/logos that haven't been done.
  4. instead of uploading 1 single file why don't you make a complete pack & when u add more stuff to pack let folks know
  5. Nice making a 16:9 theme of Gemini Wing, it's 1 of my favorite games I played on in the arcades back in the day. Great Work Skywatcher always good quality.
  6. Very Nice & great to see translation artwork & wheel art too ! THANKS #MissingMameThemes
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I have taken the Cross Pang theme & added the new to it & changed a few things to make it slightly different for New Cross Pang & also included the logo for it too. Enjoy until someone does a complete new one but I think it's not on the theme makers most important to make a theme for but I think it's good enough as is. You decide Available on HyperSync
  8. Top class as always Skywatcher & great work for creating a missing MAME theme. THANKS #MissingMameThemes
  9. Another 1 off the missing MAME list top class Skywatcher THANKS #MissingMameThemes
  10. Nice 1 Skywatcher another MAME theme that was on the missing list. THANKS #MissingMameThemes
  11. Wow 2 missing MAME themes in a row Thanks Skywatcher great work as always. #MissingMameThemes Glad you included wheel art as the game won't show up otherwise in my wheel without it. I'm doing a wheel art collection as you know , i'm so glad your great at drawing. Thanks m8
  12. Very nice & glad it was just a copy & paste over my old Hyperspin.exe as i wouldn't know how to start again from scratch as it took me months last time. I wasn't having any problems so it must be related to what brand of pc your using. THANKS
  13. Hi nate67000 i've activated the nonag feature on your Arcade 0.193 build & for some reason it crashes when trying to load Pang up but theres probably more games that do the same. If you have compiled with the new tools that could be the  problem as on Arcade's site it says this

    BTW. New compiler has been used or old?

    I'm still using 5.3.0, because GCC7 has "issues".

    It could be anything but i'm pretty sure if you ask Robert on there he will give you the code on how to add nonag.

    I do hope you solve the problem as with Hyperspin nonag is a great feature. THANKS



    1. nate67000


      I will need to look in to it further

      for now mame v0.193 does work

      Arcade64 is out of commission 


    2. nate67000


      ok i was able to fix the issue apparently when i compiled it

      i compiled it wrong not sure what i did wrong but i think i may have left out some files needed to compile it, i tested it and all is well

      I have up loaded a new file and should be good to go





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