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  1. Hyperspin databases issues

    There are special entities in xml that can't be written as plain text like & for the ampersand character. The one for apostrophe is really only needed when attributes use single quotes rather than double but HS and any xml parser will automatically translate the special entities into the normal character so there's no reason to edit them.
  2. Help games won't start!?

    It looks like HS is sending the correct command line so it's probably an issue involving permissions between HS and RL (running or not running one or the other as admin).
  3. I think you forgot to update the FTP again. The platform vid is there but there's no directory for the system in the gameplay vids.
  4. Who's running the show..

    IIRC Avar was doing the Facebook updates. There's a good chance he won't return for a while, if at all. Don't expect a response from BBB himself since he hasn't posted here in years. If you do get a response from one of the few people who do actually know what's going on with the progress on the new HS it will be the generic "We're working hard on it" or "It's coming soon" that we've heard for like 7+ years now and the promised release dates that have come and gone with nothing. As far as slowly being overtaken, it pretty much already has been IMO and I'm sure there are plenty of others who would agree.
  5. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    The issue is that it's not open source and apparently using GPL licensed code from multiple open source emulators which violates the license of those projects. They're basically taking code from other devs and exploiting it for their own profits. So if they are indeed violating the licenses they seem to be, nobody should give them a dime or support this kind of behavior because it harms the emu community as a whole and only benefits them.
  6. Biggest noob begging for help

    First, you shouldn't be using HyperLaunch as it's been dead for years. You should be using RocketLauncher instead. If your roms aren't being found in the audit it's because they aren't named to match the database, your rom path is wrong or the rom file extensions aren't the valid extensions listed for that emulator.
  7. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    That screenshot is definitely the HS ftp. His stuff is on the EM ftp right where he said it is.
  8. Yup, can confirm same thing here.
  9. Unless I'm just being dumb (always a possibility), the files haven't been updated on the ftp. The folder is marked as 1.0 containing 44 vids from 4 years ago.
  10. You have to be a Platinum member to use Sync.
  11. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    I should have specified, a good solution (unless a ton of good artists appear or free up a ton of time lol).
  12. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    There used to be a 5 star rating system in place and comments have always been enabled I believe. Neither are really useful though. Not many people use the star ratings or commented other than "thanks" or some other generic comment. Comments can sometimes be useful for pointing out mistakes but star ratings are pretty much useless because in the end it's random users rating them, not people with the skills to assess the quality. Not to mention lots of people are happy to just have something regardless of quality so they mark it positively. You could probably go into the downloads section and find a bunch of badly cut wheels with thanks comments or likes or whatever. Regarding dev communication, just give up that dream now because it will not happen. There's been no communication in the past 5 years from devs and it won't change. Mods and other veteran community members don't have any knowledge either. They want to keep things secret so they have to deal with the consequences of that choice. Thankfully, I realized 3 or so years ago that what little they did say was empty promises so I switched frontends and as many know LaunchBox has caused a pretty large exodus of HS members as well as other frontends.
  13. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    This is how things used to be done in the various subforums. People would post theme mockups, wheels, etc. and approvers/creators would provide feedback on how to improve things and it would be uploaded only after that. The good art projects still adhere to that format and it's no accident that those guys are the OGs and talented newcomers with the end packages speaking for themselves. Then the decision was made to open the floodgates and let ppl upload whatever they want (which several media approvers I know objected to, rightfully so) which is where we are now. I know several approvers have no interest in sorting through the hundreds/thousands of submissions for that reason. The art skill of the approvers is directly correlated to the quality of the resulting audit. If you have people that aren't great artists doing the approvals, you're not going to have great results and probably not much different from the situation it's in now. The only problem is there are so few artists of that caliber and most are busy with producing hq stuff or on break from doing so. I can't even say there are many newly promoted content creators that I think could uphold standards as browsing submissions by some after that mass promotion the quality of some just isn't there. I think the root cause is a pattern of putting trying to make everyone feel special (disregarding upload process, mass promotion, terrible organization of Plat section per user) above quality and ease of use. So, I'm not sure there is a solution to the problem.
  14. Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    They definitely are still developing it. His comment was probably because they didn't respond to or fix his specific issue(s). I haven't seen djvj on RL in quite a while and I'm pretty sure bleasby is traveling for work or something so he's limited in what he can test and fix but he does still try to help on most stuff from what I've seen, especially pause and fade related issues since I'm pretty sure that's his code for the most part. Of course much like support here it's pretty reliant on the community to help out and issues with RL other than settings issues often require people with some AHK and/or coding knowledge to be of help to diagnose or fix stuff which narrows the potential helpers even further. I try to help fix modules, add new stuff to modules when people request it, and do general support questions when I can over there to help out. I can't shed any light on this particular issue since it launches fine for me although I don't use HS. I know HS can be a pain in the ass when it comes to stealing focus and whatnot and the fact that some griffin has it working ok while badboo and goofers don't means it's probably going to be some random thing that some people experience and not others. If there's not already a thread over at RL for this you should definitely start one there and the more people who post troubleshooting logs the better in case it is some combo of settings or something that's causing it.