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  1. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Apologies for drudging up the same old stuff, even though I never really post about it for the same reason. Good luck with HS 2.0, those who have been faithfully waiting all these years deserve it. This will prob be my last post/visit.
  2. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    It's not unbelievable at all, that's what happens when you promise something for years and years but don't deliver anything. That's why good people leave the community.
  3. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    While Styph's post is pretty pointless, it's to be expected. Granted, since a new version is *apparently* in dev it doesn't make any sense to dedicate dev time to the current version and having to deal with bug fixing new stuff and support. The animated wheels was probably relatively trivial to implement (insert a conditional to detect an swf wheel file and allow it to animate like all of the other elements) assuming that it wasn't already laying around in a build that wasn't released. At the same time, 2.0 has been teased for about a decade now with nothing to show for it. I can think of at least 3 or 4 release dates given to me by 3 admins in the past 2 years alone all amounting to nothing. It was evident to me about 4 years ago a new release wasn't coming any time soon which is why I switched frontends, and with each day that nothing useful is done here I'm happier with that decision. Any criticism of the lack of releases is mildly annoying but all of the fruitless "it's coming", "soon", and release dates that admins spout I personally find more annoying, and that's the fault of dev(s) and admins for teasing it for so long with no follow through. It's a prime example of the boy who cried wolf, frontend edition. That's why as ppl may have noticed, I barely visit or contribute here anymore. It's the same 5 support questions that have been asked and answered dozens of times before because nothing changes, meaningless posts about 2.0, and the quality art/db scene is virtually non-existent. Not to mention the frequent site downtimes with no explanations and general lack of maintenance in pretty much all areas of the site/forum.
  4. HyperSpin does not work

    If nothing happens when pressing enter it's always either a bad path or a permissions issue, nothing related to the frontend or plugin in RLUI because RL isn't even being executed. In this case, it's a typo in the exe name "RockerLauncher.exe".
  5. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    Unless you're satisfied with low quality media I don't see that happening anytime soon, if at all. There are too few people producing quality media as it is for the curated databases (most of which are nowhere near complete) let alone adding hundreds or thousands of clones and games unplayable w/o learning other languages per system.
  6. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    Unless I'm misremembering/misinterpreting the goal of this when thatman asked me about it way back when they're just renaming existing assets to match the MAME shortname. So any games/systems that don't have any media assets in the sets using the modified No Intro naming style wouldn't have any in these sets either.
  7. Someone need make this program for xml

    Nobody "needs" to do that because there are already multiple renaming and filtering programs written years ago in the 3rd party apps section that do that stuff.
  8. Updated and now MAME doesn't work

    Disable the 7z option for any arcade systems.
  9. Sega CD iso folder structure

    I'm pretty sure I remember @thatman84 telling me you can't use subfolders on Android.
  10. Hyperspin databases issues

    There are special entities in xml that can't be written as plain text like & for the ampersand character. The one for apostrophe is really only needed when attributes use single quotes rather than double but HS and any xml parser will automatically translate the special entities into the normal character so there's no reason to edit them.
  11. Help games won't start!?

    It looks like HS is sending the correct command line so it's probably an issue involving permissions between HS and RL (running or not running one or the other as admin).
  12. I think you forgot to update the FTP again. The platform vid is there but there's no directory for the system in the gameplay vids.
  13. Who's running the show..

    IIRC Avar was doing the Facebook updates. There's a good chance he won't return for a while, if at all. Don't expect a response from BBB himself since he hasn't posted here in years. If you do get a response from one of the few people who do actually know what's going on with the progress on the new HS it will be the generic "We're working hard on it" or "It's coming soon" that we've heard for like 7+ years now and the promised release dates that have come and gone with nothing. As far as slowly being overtaken, it pretty much already has been IMO and I'm sure there are plenty of others who would agree.
  14. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    The issue is that it's not open source and apparently using GPL licensed code from multiple open source emulators which violates the license of those projects. They're basically taking code from other devs and exploiting it for their own profits. So if they are indeed violating the licenses they seem to be, nobody should give them a dime or support this kind of behavior because it harms the emu community as a whole and only benefits them.
  15. Biggest noob begging for help

    First, you shouldn't be using HyperLaunch as it's been dead for years. You should be using RocketLauncher instead. If your roms aren't being found in the audit it's because they aren't named to match the database, your rom path is wrong or the rom file extensions aren't the valid extensions listed for that emulator.