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  1. Roms?

    Linking to, requesting, or discussing where to get roms is against the site rules. Topic locked.
  2. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    I'm pretty sure the "Not Authorized" message means it's a broken link but I can't do anything about it so you would have to message an admin. I wasn't a fan of the whole Plat section recruitment either and I absolutely hate when the site is updated. Every time they update it they break a ton of stuff that never gets fixed. There was a bunch of things they broke during the last site update that are still broken and they broke more during this one. Honestly, I find myself wanting to browse the site less and less with each update.
  3. Like I said above, you won't get a response so there's no point in asking.
  4. cannot find hyperlaunch.exe

    Remove the backslash at the end of the Hyperlaunch_Path in the HyperSpin/Settings/Settings.ini.
  5. Can't Get Passed System Wheels?

    I can assure you HS did not update considering there hasn't even been an update in a long, long time and it doesn't auto update anyway. You would've had to change them yourself (or move the setup to another drive, etc.) if they did indeed change. If the wheel is spinning like crazy you probably have one or more of joysticks/spinner/trackball enabled in HyperHQ. They should all be disabled because they don't work properly and can cause the issue you're experiencing.
  6. Can't Get Passed System Wheels?

    Anything related to RL is irrelevant since that has no effect on what HS displays, RL only takes effect once you select a game. If you have the roms only filter on you must have both the rom path and extensions set correctly in HyperHQ or you will get the kickback.
  7. Hyperspin odroid xu4

    Linking to any part of that site is not allowed, whether the specific link you post contains roms or not is irrelevant.
  8. HyperHQ and TAB control

    You can edit the Px Controls section in the HyperSpin/Settings/Settings.ini and set Genre=9 for tab.
  9. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    You're just pointing to the folder, not the exe. It should be E:\Shared\HyperSpin\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe
  10. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    Post your settings.ini file.
  11. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    You change it to where RocketLauncher.exe is, not HyperLaunch. If you're using RL you don't need anything related to HyperLaunch.
  12. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    Removing that path won't fix your problem because it's not used at all, which is why I said you don't need it. You need to correct the path in the ini file I mentioned because it's still not correct.
  13. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    As I suspected, you don't have HS and RL connected properly. Your log shows the "Hyperlaunch_Path" in the HyperSpin/Settings/Settings.ini file is wrong so it's falling back to using HyperLaunch so fix that path. If you're using RL you shouldn't have anything set for the executable in HyperHQ and you would only need the rompath and extensions set if you're using the Roms Only filter.
  14. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    IIRC that message about missing extensions is from HyperLaunch2 so it sounds like you don't have HS and RL connected properly. Post the log.txt from your HS folder.
  15. Problem matching roms to hyperlist database [mame]

    Not necessarily. Even with a verified full set Don's renamer will probably report 0 matches because it tries to match the individual files within the archives against the xml names, not the archives themselves.