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    Just starting out with HyperSpin. Ill share all I can but i'm still looking for quite a bit of information as well :)


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  2. TheMadHatter

    PC Specs Questions

    I guess I know how to build a budget gaming PC i just wanted to make sure the specs for my budget PC were appropriate for the systems i wanted to run. Like no need to get a decent graphics card for systems that doesn't require that high of graphics. Or PCU. Things like that. I dont want to OVERBUILD either lol.
  3. TheMadHatter

    PC Specs Questions

    So I think I am going to start looking for parts to piece together or keeping eye out for deals to make this Budget Cabinet. So I figured id make a thread to see what I'd need for what I want to do. Highest demanding game system ill be using on this PC for my cabinet is PS1/PSP Looking for not necessarily BARE MINIMUM but maybe like one step above it parts lol. I plan on using a wide screen display on a 27-40 inch tv/monitor(if this matters) Emulated Systems will be: Arcade Classics/Nes/SNES/Nintendo 64/Sega Genesis/Sega CD/Sega Saturn/Sega Dreamcast/PS1/PSP Extra Bonus Stuff: I plan on mounting my 27-40 inch tv/monitor, but using a bottom style 4 player Controller/Cabinet. Anyone that has any plans/layouts for a decent customizable 4 player bottom half of a cabinet would be greatly appreciated too No rush because this is a future project but I want to keep an eye out for parts just in case Any help/advise is much appreciated. Thanks again everyone!!!
  4. TheMadHatter

    The Bliss-Box 4-play Thread!

    AWWW YEAH! i think i may be too excited about this. I mean how lucky is that i get paid on the 28th lol.
  5. TheMadHatter

    Windows 10 - How Do I Boot Straight to HyperSpin?

    Perfect! thanks man
  6. TheMadHatter

    Windows 10 - How Do I Boot Straight to HyperSpin?

    Im going to fallow this topic. Im using Win 7 but im guessing im going to have these kind of questions when i get to this spot too lol.
  7. TheMadHatter

    DataBase Requests/Questions

    No worries i didnt know if it was the right one but i figured that was the ONLY other thing i saw that dealt with Databases lol. Im interested but what type of XML is it? all USA? or top x style?
  8. TheMadHatter

    DataBase Requests/Questions

    Where is the databases forum bc everytime i click on databases it takes me to the actual databases so im guessing im just not finding the right spot or is it the HyperBase one?
  9. TheMadHatter

    DataBase Requests/Questions

    I have a quick question. So i was thinking Hey why not have multiple .xml files for different things in case i want to narrow my games down so i dont have to look through 1000 games. I understand there are Genre's and even Favorite lists you can use. But wat i was thinking was using filtered XMLs. 1. Are there XMLs out there for US games only? 2. Are there XMLs out there that are filtered to be like top 100 or 200 or 300 games on that system? 3. If there isnt. Would people be interested if when i DID go through and make them that i share them? 4. If so, how do i upload/share stuff like that.
  10. TheMadHatter

    CP Panel Renew

    Flip your iPad around lol jk idk why actually, but that's what id do Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. TheMadHatter

    my roms don't work

    GOTCHA!!! ok bc i am using that filter and i SWORE when i didnt have that added it wouldnt load the actualy defaul theme bc it wasnt locating the roms. makes sense. so i wasnt doing TOO much extra work as i thought originally then. lol I love these forums i literally learn something like EVERY single day lol. and so much more activity on HS then RL's website prob because a lot of the same ppl are here and there lol.
  12. TheMadHatter

    my roms don't work

    Oh so im doing like double the work... for no reason?. Awesome.. Thats good to know lol thanks for the heads up I better stop trying to help people until i understand lol. I thought i had a grasp at it bc it worked lol but i guess some of the info could of not even been entered and it still would of worked.
  13. TheMadHatter

    my roms don't work

    I had an issue like this before. I would also recommend getting the newer RetroArch as well but i believe my answer in this forum post on RLauncher.com may Help out. Screen shots were uploaded too. Its the last post(as of now) on this forum post. The only thing different is you may have to make sure your "Extensions" in RLUI are also there too. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?2902-Games-start-in-RL-but-not-in-HS-%28anymore%29
  14. TheMadHatter

    button layout

    I feel like 8 buttons would be too much. But I didn't play much arcade yet still setting it up. Are there a lot of games with 8 buttons? I would think 6 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. TheMadHatter

    EmuMovies- PlayStation 2 Updated (212 Videos)

    Dayum 212 lol good update amount id say Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk