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  1. FTP Is it still being used..?

    Looking in the HS ftp and I can't see any folder in there that has been updated this year and last folder update was dec 2016. Looks like it has been abandoned. The emumovies ftp is still alive and kicking with updates in the last couple of days.
  2. FTP Is it still being used..?

    works fine for me with filezilla. probably need to update login/password details.
  3. Commodore Amiga CD32 - Complete System pack

    Yes, was using an older version winrar. All fixed now.
  4. Commodore Amiga CD32 - Complete System pack

    rar file seems to be broken. Just after the cd disc art.
  5. Pacman Championship Edition Deluxe View File PacMan Championship Edition Deluxe Game Theme Submitter pinsanity Submitted 06/07/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  6. Any Hyperspin Console Theme Without Video Snaps?

    Try putting the video files into a subfolder so that Hyperspin can't find them and leave the png files where they are.
  7. Daphne Game Themes pack

    Daphne Game Themes pack View File Daphne Game Themes pack (current). Submitter pinsanity Submitted 05/25/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  8. Where to stick my video snaps?...

  9. Adding PC Game to the wheel???

    In HyperHQ wheel settings for that game change executon from Hyperlaunch to Normal and then load it through the Hyperspin frontend not through rocketlauncher.
  10. Adding PC Game to the wheel???

    Leave rocketlauncher out of it altogether and let HyperHQ load it is what I do for PC Games on the Main Menu wheel. HyperHQ Main Menu Wizard tab Add New Item to the Main Menu Add Name Street Fighter V Is this item an executable program? Yes Place it in the wheel main menu. Continue with wizard. Locate the executable (exe) for that game and add it. Done. Files go in the Hyperspin/Media/Main Menu/Themes folder renamed to Street Fighter V.
  11. how to play Nintendo Satellaview

    Naming convention? I have my system named as Nintendo BS-X Satellaview using snes9x and it works. EDIT: From memory I had to manually add that name to the snes module though.
  12. Open your RocketlauncherUI media folder. All the system icons and official names are there to give you some ideas. RocketLauncher\RocketLauncherUI\Media\Icons It doesn't matter if there is no official database for it in the hyperlist link mentioned above as you can make your own based on the systems roms.
  13. Are these platforms working in Hyperspin ???

    BeebEM Universal Emulator 1 - Alf Universal Emulator Arculator MESS/MAME DC Exeltel XMillenium MESS/MAME BlueMSX BlueMSX Universal Emulator Emma 02 MESS/MAME BlueMSXSpectravideo MESS/MAME
  14. mix emulators in a wheel

    Alternate emulators tab option in Rocketlauncher or Hyperlaunch. Pick the default emulator for that system which covers the most games for your DB and then the games that don't run on that emulator have to be set individually as an alternate.
  15. Atari Jaguar CD

    Baldies, Primal Rage and maybe one or two others works with the Project Tempest emulator. Can't remember which ones as haven't tested since I set it up over a year ago. The rest just crash.