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  1. Fofix

    Frets On Fire is an old beat-up guitar/drum simulation game from 2006 that probably should have died in 2008-09. Like other music/rhythm genre games, the original started in the Arcades (Guitar Freak and DrumMania) went to the consoles (Guitar Hero and Rock Band series), then as with other games, ended up as home PC sims. Started out as .... held like.... The sims became clones of the official games (if you can find the related themes), so of course the use of the official controllers became popular (if you can find some that aren't beat to crap). Color-coded fret and drum head buttons corresponding to the notes on the "Highway". Strum the strumbar or hit the drum head in proper time to get points. Point multipliers for multiple consecutive correct notes. Single note strumming, sustained notes, chords, hammer-ons/pull-offs. Whammy bar gives extra points on sustained notes. Special notes (if correct) build up starpower/overdrive. Tilt guitar to use starpower/overdrive to save you or give extra points. Drum fills, big rock finishes and solos give extra points if done correctly. If you fail a song, your family will come in and laugh and jeer. Oh, wait-- they will do that any way when they see you holding a little plastic guitar. Or at least that's what I've heard. Could be wrong though. Not my thing. As I said, it should have died in 2008-09. AKA- Pick No More!
  2. Fofix

    I wouldn't use the RocketLauncher Frets On Fire module since it is has limited functionality and nobody cares anymore. I personally use batch files to load my Frets On Fire games with the Casual Games module. But for your purposes, I would launch the fofix exe with the PCLauncher module and use the pre/post launch tab to preload your PickNoMore utility. Out of curiosity, are you using PickNoMore to cheat (defeat the strum function of FOF), or to just use a regular controller to play?
  3. Need help with pc games

    Too good to be true......(checking Snopes).
  4. PS4 controller experience and opinions pls

    USB extension cable or usb hub? Also, that just sounds stupid (but not unexpected). I have one of those dongles, but have yet to use it so "thanks" for this information.
  5. List of MAME clones worth playing - Redux

    @phulshof, without having looked at it yet, my supposition would be if you followed the following formula, most would be happy- full mame (arcade) set, minus "non-working/preliminary", minus "utilities", minus "electro-mechanical", minus clones, then add "clones to keep (from updated list on this post)". This with your usual "no casino, no mature, no mahjong, no quiz" variants should cover most peoples' needs and will be appreciated by those who don't want to use the auditing, renaming and xml tools to produce their own lists.
  6. How to speed up my...

    The opinion of many is to overclock the CPU to around 4.2Ghz for best current emulation performance. However, from what I can see on the net, the G3260 has a locked multiplier and can't be overclocked.
  7. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    That game disc and disc case was awesome. I'm just curious if that quality will be useful in the coming updates. Especially since the terms 16x9, HD, and UHD have come up a couple of times in the artwork audit. It would be a shame to have to downgrade it. Pimps don't roll like that!!
  8. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Crap. I was hoping this was something I didn't understand, as usual.
  9. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Will the disregard/removal of metadata in parenthesis also be applied to say, the MAME system category? Rather than building an xml based on the roms present in the MAME roms folder, I think many of us keep full romsets to make updating/seeding easier. We then pare down the xml, using the metadata in that xml to identify and exclude/include certain roms to be available to HyperSpin, rather than 20 or 30,000 games. It also helps to see the naming info in parenthesis when you prefer say a Midway version of the game vs Taito, etc, while spinning through the wheel. For console or disc sets, the region info gives hints to where to hunt for certain games (ex., PAL or Asian sets). This is also true (as previously stated) with translated games. I do not hunt for a translation to apply to a rom unless I see that there is one available as listed in the xml. Unless there is something I am not understanding (very possible), I for one would prefer the info in parenthesis remains in the xml.
  10. setting up new themes

    The theme you were looking at has been recently discussed and is a lot of manual work- adding frames and backgrounds to wheels, copying and renaming themes to systems, and changing INI settings so the wheels match the space allotted for them to make the themes look like the OP wanted. The art assets provided were just an example system to use as a template for setting up your other systems. There is a walkthrough video, but it is in Portuguese. It can be done, but might be best to do as Metalzoic suggested and look for standard themes per system that are already in zip format. Since you mentioned the Shield, try looking at the HyperSpin Android section...... http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forums/forum/172-hyperspin-android/ All I know personally, is that certain animations cause the themes to not function in Android. In that case, the members there have altered the themes to make it work. Should be many examples and links to the work they have done.
  11. Background music request

    This might help. Sorry if it doesn't. I was just playing around since there are two or three parallel posts about this.
  12. New Website - What Works and What Doesn't

    Holy crap!! You could have said all kinds of crazy things. Not that @THK says crazy things.....
  13. hyperspin

    I'm probably completely wrong, but to my way of thinking, HyperSpin is simplistically a frontend depicting an audio/visual representation of systems and games before handing off to other middleware such as program launcher, emulators, keymappers, etc. Most people think they want an all-in-one solution that does it all, but if a specific task can (now or quite possibly in the future) be accomplished better by another program, how quickly will they want to integrate that into their workflow instead. Arguably, the most adaptable program for this purpose is not necessarily the frontend, but the "middleware" launcher for example, RocketLauncher. It does this so seamlessly, that people forget it is running in the background. Instead of chasing the frontend, I believe others should be trying to improve their launcher, hence the cry for updates. And with RocketLauncher as the objective, good luck with that!!! As to updates, I want my frontend to do less- not more. For me, like I said earlier, a frontend is all about the audio/visual experience. On my system HyperSpin still displays wheels, loads multiple layers of artwork, animates them and plays game videos beautifully. Hands off to RocketLauncher without a hitch. Does yours not work now? Ultimately, it is a decision whether you are a fan of the Artist Collective or a fan of the (forgive the term) Code Monkeys. And since the HyperSpin artistic style- wheels, boxart, game characters, logos, even entire video captures of themes, etc., etc., developed here appear to be making their way into other frontends, seems like a lot of people are still fans. And with RocketLauncher looming on the launcher side of things, truly, good luck with the code updates.
  14. Grand Theft Auto - Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 (USA) PS1

    Check this link and the replies below it- discussion on loading this game. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/11447-clean-psx-xml/?do=findComment&comment=206594 I believe it had two solutions. 1.-Change the game names in the xml so the GTA London disc shows as a related "disc 2", not as "Mission Pack#1 London 1969" through HyperPause (not well received due to xml game naming convention) or 2.-use an m3u (playlist) inside the rom zip, pointing to the cue files for both games and use native m3u loading with Mednafen. At that time, I tested the m3u method since that was the most acceptable, but also because only clues were provided so everyone had to piece together their own solution.