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Tables with multiple buttons you couldn't live without?


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Like the title says, what tables couldn't you live without that uses an extra set of flipper buttons? Really torn if I should add a second set for tables like black knight for the magna save, but don't want the clutter/need for the buttons of they are only used 5% of the time? Anyone regret not adding or adding their second set of buttons behind the flippers?


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Off the rop of my head:



The Shadow


High Speed II The Getaway (Shift Gears)

Jurassic Park (Smart Missle)

Riverboat gambler ( I setup the magnasaves as green and red button - alas, no white or black )

Some more....

Demolition Man (I don't use, but they can be used for extra scoring)

Haunted House (I don't use, but they can be setup)

Jukebox Controls (Up n Down)

I couldn't do without the extra buttons. They are not close enough that I even know that they are there, until when my fingers have to search for them.

Also, Some older EMs have the mechanical ball launch that is setup to be the right magna save

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I think double buttons like Pinball 2000 are the best solution for these question.

When you use a normal table, you use only classic button. When you need multiple buttons, you have another button in each.

If you have a tilt with sensor, that buttons are the only you need.


But I think they must be difficult to find.

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