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Heroes Of Pinball 46"/32"/19" wide body


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Hello Guys,

My name is Roy and i am 28years old and live in Spijkenisse (The Netherlands)

About 4months ago i cross ago a youtube movie about a virtual pinball machine. When i was a kid my dad owned some orignal pinballs and it didnt took long for me to get a itchty feeling to create a virtual pinball. I read alot of topics on this forum and decided that i wanted a wide body pinball. So the quest started to find a original wide cabinet. After a month i came in contact with some 1 in Belgium who had a demolition man cabinet for sale.

I drove up and took the whole thing with me :). Making a long story short enjoy the first pics of my cabinet and i will post later on the progress i made.

Monitors: (In the near future)

46" inch monitor LED (most certain to be a samsung)

32" inch monitor LED for Backglass (Still no clue what kind)

19" inch monitor Dell 1908 FPC for DMD (This until i can get my hands on a original DMD)

PC Configuration:

Intel i5-2500K Quad Core Processor 4Ghz Overlocked

Maind Board Asus (will post details later)

2 x 4GB Ram Crosair Dominator DDR3 1600

CPU Cooler Stock

HDD Kingston 120GB SSD

GIGABYTE GForce GV-GTX660OC-2GD 2gigs of mem (Playfield & DMD)

GIGABYTE GForce GV-N630-2GI for the (Backglass) (in order)

Original Cabinet Demolition Man Restoring the cabinet.

Cabinet Configuration: (as is now)

Original side rails

Original Lockbar

Original Coin door (have to replace the lock)

Original Legs

Repro Williams Speaker Panel


1 x I-Pac-2

Williams knocker

Williams Tilt sensor

Wolfsoft shaker motor. (thnx to my brother )

Wolfsoft ledwiz (the modded 1 ) (in order)

Wolfsoft dual-h bridge (in order)

Gear motor thinking about using a daihatsu wiper motor.



Will be custom made by my brother.

Here are some pics when i bought the cabinet.





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Those scrapes and scuffs are the battle scars of a real cabinet. I simply consider that a "patina". It provides character to something that has been out in the world as opposed to some sterile new creation that has only had a few hands on it.

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I recieved the shaker motor :) only waiting for the toys to power it.

Also recived a Gigabyte gtx660 with 2 gigs of ram. From my dad i got alot of contactors and relays.

Going to try different contactors which simulate different sounds. Also still working on the pinball case which needs alot of attention, maybe ill go to a body shop to fix the case cause it takes alot of my time.

Also collecting some toy figures for the topper

Some pics while dis-assembling the pinball





More pics will be uploaded soon

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Yes, it will probably work. But it will need some special hardware to provide the needed voltages.

check vpforums: someone (in USA) is selling the 80&100v transformers you will need, you will also need a DMD power board (i believe zebulon is workin on providing those)

edit: if that is too much hassle, then just sell the display, and buy a new 5v or 12v DMD display: these are plug and play. cost range from 199 euro for a pinled display, to 400 euro for a vishay plasma with onboard powersupply:


from the datasheet:

-very affordable:rofl:

edit2: can you describe how you re-set the corners?

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hmm i think i need to wait till the display is in on how to power it. i didnt think about that it needs different voltages. is ther a schematic for real dmd displays or something like that?

for the corners:

the wood of the corners were pretty damaged. the guy which repaired it fixed it by removing some of the damaged wood and filled it with a viber filler than sand it and filled it with a special filler to smooth the edges.

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hmm i think i need to wait till the display is in on how to power it. i didnt think about that it needs different voltages. is ther a schematic for real dmd displays or something like that?

all the info you need is here:


If someone comes up with a european alternative for the transformer&powerboard, that would be awesome. The shipping costs from the US are killing us.....

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cherry dmd's do NOT work with pinDMD1, noone so far has tried them on the pinDMD2. But unless you have a (extremely rare) 12v cherry display, you will first have to face the problem of powering the thing....... If you come up with a solution that is easily available in NL, then please let us know. And if it does work with the pinDMD2, then great, also let us know (i also have a spare cherry display lying around).

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The pindmd2 is in :D

now i need to power the dmd. i got 2 weeks off from work so i hope to give a update in 2 weeks :)

i got a few things i want to do in the 2 weeks

1. paint the lower body

2. fix the upper body

3. install the buttons.

4. test the contactors.

5. install the motherboard with ipac2

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What do you mean with risky and expensive? i do not think that the voltage should be a problem.

A 50v power supply won't be cheap, neither are flipper setups (new), plus the higher voltage is a risk to you and the other sensitive electronics within the Cab. I can't recall anyone else having done it yet so give it a try and be the first. Heck who knows if it turns out great, we all might follow your lead.


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Why go to all the trouble of a flipper mech? Couldn't you use a coil and end stop, like a replay knocker. A flipper coil is double wound, and has a end of stroke switch that reduces the voltage while you hold the button, so the coil doesn't melt. High voltage to snap the flipper, then low voltage to hold it up

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Actually its the same voltage, but the seconday winding in the coil has a much higher number of turns to handle the heat better. The EOS switches between the windings. I only mention it so the OP doesn't think he needs a separate power supply for the secondary winding. Same theory though.

I'd try it, although I do think its adding to the maintenance of the cab down the road (keeping up on the EOS contacts, coil burn out etc.)

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I want to use the whole setup for the most realistic sounds. Only the flipper self i wont use.


Ofcourse there is maintenance on the coils and contacts but on the other side if the sound is realistic enough then it is worth the maintenance. (i do have alot of spare coils and some contatcs) I also have a set of bumpers on the other playfield, i dont know how the mechanism works but it would be awsome to use them also. PS did you recieved the payment on paypal for the dmd board and speedcontrol board? :)

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