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HyperSpin Cabinet - 80s Arcade


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I purchased the 32" Pro Upright Xtension Arcade (Emulator Edition) from RecRoomMasters.


For those who haven't seen their products, they provide an 'Ikea-like' cabinet that is shipped in pieces that you assemble together. They also offer a pre-built control panel or can work with the X-Arcade tanksticks or you could custom build that portion. You provide an LCD TV up to 32", the PC and an optional coin door (purchased from X-Arcade).


After spending some significant time considering options, I decided to go this route as the cost and shipping is significantly less than purchasing a pre-assembled arcade cabinet. The biggest downsides would be the LCD TV as a monitor (not an issue to me as I wanted a 'slimmer' cabinet anyway but I understand the desire for the full arcade effect!) and the pre-designed control panel (it won't be 100% custom to what you would like).


The panel is powered by a minipac and can be configured using that software and can be upgraded if desired (I'm considering the UltraStik 360 for better 4 player games). And of course it's your own PC so you can add and upgrade things there (light guns this summer!).


The cabinet arrived well packaged but there was damage to piece above the marquee... RecRoomMasters immediately shipped out a replacement piece that arrived in perfect condition.


Assembly can be done mostly by 1 person if you're patient and read ahead on directions. Having a hand around to hold pieces and lift the top on when assembled is recommended however. It is 'Ikea-like' but the panels are better quality and the pieces are well held in by bolts instead of just cam-locks. Fully put together it is very solid and holds up well to my 4 1/2 and 18 month old kids!


I opted for the full artwork package... if done during the initial order it is applied at the factory and came very well install. I did the side art, marquee and (a new option for RRM) the control panel. I have no artwork skills so opted for their assistance where needed (I used a marquee I loved that was freely available on the web in high res). The designer there worked in three hidden keys from Ready Player One (Copper in the DK barrel, Jade in centipede's eye and Silver in Dirk's arm). They're shaded colors rather than drawn in so I haven't been able to get a good picture but you can see them in person once pointed out!


Overall I think this turned out fabulous. Not having a workshop or wood working skills this was a great option for me as I've been able to focus on setting up my HyperSpin/RocketLauncher setup with all the goodies I want (full pause, artwork, manuals, control panels from CPWizard, etc.)  Still a few niggling issues I'm working through but that apparently never ends.


Sorry for the lengthy post but I wanted to provide more of a review for anyone thinking of going this route.


And finally some pictures:


Side Art (a bit cheesy, but I like the arcade memories and colorfulness):



Marquee & screen:



Full Frontal:



Control Panel (Emulator edition contains a full set of 'admin' keys across the top, you can purchase more 'arcade' editions too):



This face and raising my kids 'right' (i.e. to love classic games...) is priceless!:



For anyone interested in the technical bits of the CP, one connection came off in shipping so I had to open it up... here's the guts:



Overall I think this is a great option for those without the skillset or resources to build their own cabinet from scratch. If anyone has questions or wants other information let me know.

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