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  1. Version 0.200


    As per request, here's a version of MAME 0.200 that will load the fallback_artwork even if artwork for that game is already available.
  2. Version 0.196.0


    This is the MAME 0.196 64-bit executable that includes my personal no-nag fix, and the oversteering relative analog wheel fix requested on the forums.
  3. Well, if the base of these files is sound, I can very easily add other variants to it, though if I add all variants this will be a rather extensive set. For now I think I favor releasing it as a sub set, but if different people want different variants I may just make it a separate set in stead.
  4. @thatman84 Will these suffice? If so, they'll automatically be included in a separate directory starting from the MAME 0.188 XML files. Let me know whenever you guys decide to add new clones to the list. jojobane comes to mind (English version of jojoba (Japanese)).
  5. Ok, have a look at these, and let me know if they fit your needs or if I need to make additional changes. mame_no_casino_clones_mahjong_mature_quiz_electro_utilities.xml mame_no_casino_clones_mahjong_mature_quiz_electro_utilities_playchoice.xml mame_no_casino_clones_mahjong_quiz_electro_utilities.xml mame_no_casino_mahjong_mature_quiz_electro_utilities.xml mame_no_casino_mahjong_mature_quiz_electro_utilities_playchoice.xml mame_no_casino_mahjong_quiz_electro_utilities.xml
  6. Sure, but assume I didn't read this 14 page thread. [emoji3] What exactly should be in this additional xml file? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. Can you elaborate? What exactly should be in this list? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. I've updated the .180 files; should be automatically fixed from now on.
  9. No, I did not. Is there a complete list of changes I should do? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  10. Well, since I generate the base lists for this set from each MAME version, any manual labor required afterwards may be something I should add to my generation program to avoid manual work for every new release.
  11. Btw, if there are any changes I need to make in the XML I generate, please let me know.
  12. Since MAME and MESS were merged, MAME can now be used to play NES games (and tons of other systems). It's my emulator of choice for almost everything.
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