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FS: Piece of VP history (Dr Who Widebody Pin)


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I need to let go of a couple of toys to address some bills.

Dr Who is going up for sale. One of the first 46" builds.

46" samsung lcd

29" Haier 29" (new)

Hanspree 15.6" (new)

3Ghz dual core cpu

2gb memory

60gb OCZ Agility 3 SSD

XP Tiny

GTS 250 1gb video card

Pics as it sits today below.

There is a red line on the screen that has been there since day 1 (visible in last pic), it does not impact game play as far as I'm concerned and for the most part during game play I don't even notice it. But wanted to point it out.

Also if the buyer would like i will include the original head i built for it and dmd overlay that was designed for a 32" screen. i removed it recently due to the fact the original 32" monitor was a 240v model when this pin was built in the UK.






more info on the build is available in the build thread within my signature.


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