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Number of flipper buttons?


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Hi guys!!! I'm new to the world of pinball builds, but I do have experience of cabinet builds using Mame. I feel this is a "step up" so to speak as there is more stuff to get to grips with. I generally build mini cabs as I don't have room for full size items. So my pinball planning right now is for a reduced sized cabinet.

Anyway enough waffling! I'm in the early stages of planning right now and I see that some people have 4 flipper buttons and others use only 2. Is there a definite advantage to having 4? Will I miss out on any awesome tables if I just use 2? If I can get away with 2 and still have 99% of the tables available then I'll go that route as it is a smaller machine I'm building. The only part I've ordered so far is the VirtuaPin™ digital plunger kit. So now that I'm invested already this has got to be completed! :hello:

While I'm at it my PC specs are an old desktop I was using. E8500 dual core processor (easily overclockable) with Radeon 4850 card with Windows Vista 32bit. I do want to run a three monitor setup so I know I'll need a second card. Does that spec sound good enough? It's what I have already so could save £££'s.

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