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SHINRYUKEN!!! I finally found the (almost) perfect controller!!!

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Here is what a PERFECT controller would have:

2 Analogue Sticks + Click-buttons
1 D-pad
2 Menu buttons (Start + Select)
4 Shoulder buttons
and most importantly
6 face buttons

Here is why most controllers (even special ones) fail miserably at this.

They often just move R1/R2 or something to the Z&C slot.
They usually just have a D-Pad OR Left Stick.

This is NOT good enough. You need to ADD the two buttons, and have digital AND analogue control.

Well... today I saw a controller that I almost completely overlooked regarding these features.
In fact I had to look really, really, REALLY close...


This controller doesn't LOOK like it can support 2 sticks, but the left stick will switch between the 2. Obviously that's not perfect for some modern games like FPS, but it's there.
It also LOOKS like it only moves the R1/R2 buttons, but that too is toggled by a switch. They are indeed the 13th and 14th button I have so desperately called for.

Aside from the Right-Stick not being physically seperate from the left stick... (though it maps that way in Xpadder!) this is the perfect controller for emulation.

It will 100% handle everything from NES to N64/Sega Saturn without having to do weird crap like seperating C-buttons or putting them on a right-stick. (N64 WAS a 6-button controller, like it or not) or mapping Z/C to the shoulders.

I'm having to re-do my ENTIRE control scheme to compensate for the fact that I don't have to squeeze Z&C onto the shoulder buttons anymore... but once that's done, it is SO video time haha.

Anyway, I just wanted to share in hopes someone might appreciate this find even half as much as I did. My friends/fiance don't get why it's such a big deal.

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Why do you say that?

Probably because compared to other controllers that are used for what the controller's specific designed purpose is (fighting games), it is a garbage controller. But really, these controllers are used by stick modders for fighting games. They extract the PCB and interface them to arcade sticks.


You'll find the PCB's in these sticks are great, especially if you do modding. But in general, if the 1st part controller cost more than the 3rd party controller, it is made of less than quality parts and he is right, it is a garbage controller.

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Oh, ok well I guess regarding some tournament style fight-play maybe they aren't up to high-quality standards where every millisecond counts. I couldn't verify anything of the sort though.

I just use it to play games for fun, like Super Mario, or Castlevania and in that respect I like it WAY more than my X360 or PS3 pads.

As far as just a controller though, the responsiveness of the buttons and movement of the sticks are fantastic.
That D-Pad is amazing too. I can pull off moves in street fighter with a lot of ease.

It's also deceptively comfortable. I assumed it was lacking in all ergonomics, but it's quite good.

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Look at the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. It is a crap controller plagued with numerous issues.

Well the reviews are certainly awful....

I completely disagree with them though haha. I'm sure these guys are all more fluent in pro fighting than I am to be clear.

However, I have had none of the button stick issues mentioned.

I also have never bumped the analogue stick lol

And like I said, I think the D-Pad is incredible.

I was NEVER able to pull off Ken's uppercut easily before. Instead it was always a gamble on if he'd do an uppercut or a hadoken haha.

That's a shame... I hope they just try to improve the design for 'next-time' it would break my heart if they gave up on this completely.

Again though, I really have to emphasize this, I'm not too concerned with it's supreme fight ability. I know that's what it was designed for, but my concern is emulating PS1, N64, and Sega Saturn all on the same controller.

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I followed the link from Damagein86's post. They are also advertising a new version to be introduced around the 15th. That new one doesn't seem so awkward looking. I think I'd wait for that one instead.

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I had seen that FC4 as well.

Lots of people recomend it over the MadCatz one I have...

But that's in the context of fighting games.

In the context of a controller that perfectly works for N64, PSX, and SAT: it immediately knocks out N64 because it has no physical analogue along with the D-Pad.

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Right, that makes sense.  I was just thinking for d-pad games, that could still take care of a lot of systems if you were trying to consolidate.  I have gamecube controllers for GC, SNES controllers for NES & SNES, PS2 controllers for Playstation, and powerA xbox360 controllers for everything else.  If you have like a rackmount or some shelf that you can set-up some controller holders (see my old metal shoe rack thread lol) on then it at least has a little organization.  But if you literally don't want more than a few controllers it looks like your madcatz one is the closest it gets. Now is someone could do some work on the wireless signal on the cideko air conquerer controller that has a full mini keyboard as a part of it, that would be killer!  I used it for a while and it was perfect for MS-DOS games because you could access the whole keyboard right there, and it was going well until the signal started randomly dropping in the middle of gameplay.

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