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Bartop Cabinet Kit Questions


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Hi Everyone,


I'm new to the forum and I'm looking to build my first arcade cabinet. I already have hyperspin and emulation setup on my high end gaming rig but now I want the authentic arcade feel.   I've decided to go with a bartop arcade as it seems like a good spot for a beginner like me to start.  I don't have great carpentry skills so I thought a kit would be the way to go for myself.  I have a few questions.


1)  I was thinking of using this kit.  https://gameroomsolutions.com/shop/bartop-arcade-kit-deluxe/%C2'> Has anyone had any experience with this kit?  Is it any good? Is there a better/easier kit that I should be using? 


2) Also I'm hoping to put a mini itx motherboard and gpu for hyperspin that can handle up to dolphin emulation.  I think ideally I would like to put it in a small form factor case inside to protect everything but perhaps I wouldn't have enough space to do that?  Would I be better off just mounting the motherboard to the cabinet instead?


Thanks for all your help guys.  I don't mind spending extra for quality so budget isn't an overall concern, though I don't want to go overboard.  I'm really excited about doing my first build!

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I don't see a link to the kit your asking opinions on.


As far as the case or no case is concerned it's really up to you.  You can get away with finding a way to mount all your components inside without an actual PC enclosure.  I would just make sure they are all properly and securely fastened down so they don't rattle around and can be damaged.  Also make sure you add some cooling to bring air though the machine or your parts can get pretty hot in a small closed space. 

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Because I´m sitting in front of my own Arcade-Cab-Computer, here my 5cent.

An ITX-Board is just 17cm by 17cm and you could also get GPU´s with the same size (AMD Fury Nano or GTX 970-itx) together with a SFX-PSU you should not have a space problem (as long your Cab is not build for a 15" Monitor).

My Arcade will run on a AMD A10-7860K, GC-Games are running fine in nativ GC-Resolution, but to play in higher resolutions could be to much for the APU. I didn´t try Wii games but I think the behavior will be the same.

I will not have a Case in my CAB because 1. It´s not planed to be transportet to much and 2. I dont have a heavy GPU. I will just put some of the normal Mainboardspacer to the wood and mount the Board on it.

Hope that will help a little bit :sweat:

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looks like a good starter kit.

seems like its a standard size, so will fit a 19" 4:3 screen

as for rear space a mini itx will fit with no issues.






some builders have even managed to fit full size boards in there, so you should be ok.


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