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Disable CTRL, ALT, and Shift functions while in game.


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With the default MAME controls for player 1 including the ctrl, alt and shift buttons, I am finding that the screen will rotate when playing multiplayer games.  This is particularly noticeable in fighters where both players often hit several buttons at once.  Screen rotation is easily disabled by right clicking on the desktop, selecting Graphics Options and Disabling hotkeys BUT there are many functions that windows can read with the aforementioned button combinations.  As a result, is there a way to confine button presses to the currently active program?  Or, if not, can I disable that functionality?

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Why not just change/rebind the default controls? That's what most probably do. I reprogrammed the IPAC to buttons that seem to work with all the arcade emulators with no issue.

Although I keep one button on each player set to "shift" on my IPAC because so many PC games need it, but by itself it doesn't conflict with anything.

Sent from my SM-G935V

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While a great suggestion and most assuredly one solution to this problem, it is not what I am looking to do.  Thank you for the suggestion but I have no intention of rebinding controls.  I know that I can do this with autohotkey but like the rotation hotkeys for screen rotation, I would assume that there has to be a way to disable them.

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