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New to VP- First VP cab.


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Hello everyone,  it's been over 2 years since my last post. Hope everyone's been well.

It was about this time 2 years ago that i moved to Hawaii,  in doing so I had to sell my 4player converted golden-tee cabinet, bartop any pretty much everything else except for my Mame Nes build, as it was just too expensive to ship to hawaii.  I got out of the hobby after that as i did not have the resources or time.

Presently I now have a house here, steady job that i've had for the last 2 years, I've gotten the OK from the wife to convert 1 of the spare bedrooms into a game room, and  i'm ready to start backup.  This was always a great community for Hyperspin, but i never dove into Hyperpin side of it. I hope you can assist me in getting me up to speed on building my first Pinball machine, and as i learn i hope i can assist others in time to come.


That being said I've started going research and i alot of links/threads are Dead or missing, not just here but on other sites as well.

What i've got so far is:

PC parts, Ipac,buttons, glass, and time.  i guess having most of the materials was the real spark that caused me to want to get back in. Having little cost to invest, all i need now is direction, which i don't have.

Ive looked at several plans and numerous posts, so for my first one this helped alot http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/6779-tredogs-mini-pin-arcade-cabinet/   I will most likely just alter the dimensions.

Back to parts:

Pc: Is a gutted HTPC from asus, I3 CPU, 4gb of memory(could be increased if need be),  Lots of 3pin and 4pin fans,  Z313 speakers and subwoofer by logitec.

Ipac and buttons were from 2nd bartop i had disassembled incase i got back into hobbie.

Glass: This was a gem i hope.   Work had several pieces of glass professional made/cut for some tables.  Person that measured did so by inner diameter when it should have been outer.  Glass is a 20" by 20" backglass, and 33" by 22" playfield

Monitors: well i got a 32 inch LCD for the playing field, and for the back glass i have a17"wide may go vertical with that to have the DMD displayed on it as well as the backglass. i also have 2 15" monitors if i split it.


I'm glad to be back, looking forward to hearing what everyone ones has to say, and feedback is appreciated and welcome.

Thank You






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On 11/5/2016 at 5:36 PM, Drkdweller said:


Ipac and buttons were from 2nd bartop i had disassembled incase i got back into hobbie.


Ipac for a Pinball Cabinet?  the answer should be a NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

an Ipac will give you button inputs and that's it!!

read the as  much of this page as you can



the FRDM-KL25Z ($20) micro controller will give you  


button inputs

built in LEDWiz

it has a built in Acelerometer -->  aka  you can shake your cabinet for nudging



and even more important,

an analog input for your










ALl for $20  +  analog ($10 slide potentiometer )  or  digital ($40 TAOS TSL 1410R CCD linear array sensor ) plunger input hardware

 Slide potentiometer


you can see how some people mounted it here



TAOS TSL 1410R CCD linear array sensor

link and a 3D printed mounting bracket is available in the Pinscape website.


you can  also buy the expansion boards for about $100 and you can have the 


Light show and solenoid feedback 


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