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Good news with Dolphin


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I saw that on dolphin website :

In June 2015, the new Android 5.0 UI became the only Android phone UI with the removal of the original Android UI SonicAdvance1 unenthusiastically slapped together a couple years before. Considering how Android devices are barely fast enough to run games now, imagine being a developer several years ago working on the Android builds. Playability and useability wouldn't be your first concerns.

But, there are people who use Dolphin's Android builds, and some very high end devices can handle Dolphin in some situations. Now it's a continuing challenge to make sure everything is put together so that it can provide as high of a quality experience as possible considering the differences and limitations. While performance is going to be a concern for the foreseeable future, users shouldn't be forced to bounce around builds just to configure their gamepads!

Here we are, a year and a half later, and SeannyM has taken up the task of restoring this important feature! SeannyM put in a great deal of work restoring the button configuration UI, bringing it up to modern Android spec and giving it a good cleaning. Now Android users can configure their gamepads without using old versions and other silly workarounds.

Note that Android TV just has a different game list, and uses the phone UI for the settings and configuration. As such, this fixes button configuration on Android TV as well.

In the future we hope to keep closer tabs on the Android GUI. After all, it doesn't matter how good the emulator is if no one can use it.


The build is here : https://fr.dolphin-emu.org/download/dev/6c275d472ec3401aad622fa299744073ab5c58fd/?cr=fr


I test it and it works great.

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7 hours ago, Pouteur said:

Oupsss i forgot, i am very busy with christmas, but i try to do this quickly.

Same problemehuh with resident evil, no characters. You say you've got one  characters ?

Yes the one that's out in the woods. I think res part 2. That one has a character but slowww

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