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  1. There is an amiga cd32 for akira iso game that work perfectly Akira.uae
  2. Good news ! scine the new retroarch update (1.6.9) the controller issue with the sharp 68000 core is fixed !
  3. Think there is a problem know with the retroarch sharp core cause on my shield tv controller are ok (i have download the core 2 month ago) but on my shield tablet controllers don't worked and i update the core a week ago. Maybe we have to wait for an update of retroarch to get the controller working find.
  4. You need BIOS in a specific folder named "keropi". Do you have it and do you give to retroarch the way to find it ?
  5. OK, path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Sharp X68000\ rompath=Emulators/Sharp X68000/roms/ userompath= exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=zip,dim,7z,hdf,xdf,HDF parameters=cores/px68k_libretro_android.so searchsubfolders=
  6. Core sharp x68000 on retroarch
  7. It's the only one who allowed you to launch cpc game with hyperspin on android
  8. Hi guys There is a video of my amiga cd32 wheel (it's not a finale one, just the biginning) It's in french but gives you an idea. Special thank to honosuseri for his help.
  9. Ok finally no need .ini, mine work great
  10. Great job mate ! Can you tel me what is your ini to launch amiga cd 32 with hyperspin ?
  11. Ok, how do you change the path for system roms on uae4arm cause when i click on ... only folder i get are blankdisks, conf, data, savestates, screenshot, can't get storage/emulated/0/hyperspin/roms/amiga-data/ks-roms Edit, it's ok know just made a new installation of the apk
  12. Ok did you add the cue and bin extension on your amiga cd32.ini for hyperspin, cause if you don't games won't start from your wheel
  13. Thanks Honosuseri will try with that.
  14. Hi guys. Is there sombody who Can give me a uae file for Amiga cd32 that i Can use as an exemple for making my own uae file or maybe à tutorial who explain how to emulate Amiga cd32 on Shield tv ?
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