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Choosing the right games for your project


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OK, I have examined the various means of using MCM to make a better list for the arcade games

to put in the computer to have an excellent experience for anyone who comes over----this has led

to a question considering the myriad of bad dumps on MAME (no fault of the MAME team BTW)

So the question stands------what is the best way to do this?????

1: Use MCM and the catver whatever list to remove the roms and adult games (I have younger family

and that would rather suck---plus most of them are far from good)

2: use Don's tools and edit out the bad games like non working etc. including adult

and those horrid mahjong and card games that are---well---not fun.

3: Go rom by rom and check each one and when I am done upload the INI file (if that is the right one)

so others don't have to go through with this annoyance.


Cheers to all who have gotten me to this point like Simply Awesome (Austin)

and Gigapig (who is equally awesome) as well as others in this great community.




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What's MCM?

What's catver?


I just modify my database using Dons Tools. I start with Phulsofs official XML with Mahjong, casino, Adult and Electromechanical  already removed...

You know. There's already a thread all about this. I'll see if I can find it and just post you the link so you can see .

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MCM is a Mame Content Manager and Catver is a INI file.


I gave my older computer (which was pretty beefy) to a family with most of the games on it minus the

tech heavy games (PS2) for Christmas.  My antivirus killed Hyperspin (I know I know, I read about that and had to 

just recently re-do it) and the best way to kill the adult games on MAME was MCM which worked in a pinch.  Felt

pretty bad for the feller and that was my good dead for the year....plus made a few kids pretty happy with some cool



Thanks all!


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I've found that you only probably need 150 - 200 mame games at most, my current system has 175 games on it the other 18,000+ you will never touch and are a waste of space.

its the same with console systems as well.. i tend to limit them to the 40-50 games you are likely to play per system, rather than having scroll through thousands of games to find the one you actually want to play.



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