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Joystick and finishing cabinet help


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New to the forum.   Just built a cabinet for the family for xmas and very excited to get it up and running.   It looks great however I'm at the point where I need to finish the control panel and get it up and running and gotta admit I'm kind of out of my league.   LOL.  So I have a few questionsimageproxy.php?img=&key=e5e9927cec29fe2e.

1.  I installed a suzohapp joystick with the microswitches on the bottom.   One of the joysticks i noticed isn't completely depressing the microchip on bottom or it isn't clicking completely.   Not sure if that means its not going to work?   Also don't really understand the difference between 4 way vs. 8 way.   Is that something that will affect the games I want my machine to play?

2.  I also bought the raspberry pi 3 model B with 32 GB preloaded card with NOOBS and Retropie.   I also bought a 128 GB card cause I didn't realize that the 32 came in the kit.   Wandering if I should go with the 128 instead so I can fit more games etc.   And Is there a tutorial on how to set that up the raspberry?   Also can I set it up with hyperspin?

Thanks for any help.


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First off nice job on the cabinet and artwork and welcome to the forum.

4 way is Up, Down, Left, Right. 8 way means it does diagonal inputs as well. Some sticks will allow you to switch modes between the two.

A word to the wise, be careful about using the term preloaded...forums might get the impression it's "preloaded" with games and then you'll struggle to get help with it due to forum rules. You're probably better off heading over to the RetroPie forum to get help there...unless you have an old PC laying around you might want to repurpose to live in that lovely cabinet.

Sadly no you won't be running Hyperspin on an RPI. Closest thing you'll get to Hyperspin on the RPI is the Attract Mode frontend. I've tried it out when it first appeared, doesn't look as good as HS in IMHO. It's a faff to work with really, I won't go into all the geek stuff why. Actually Retropie has been updated to support video previews etc. might as well just stick with that on the RPI.

Wish you all the best with your project for the family. If you do put a PC in there, we can do more to help and would love to see you around on the forum and see how the project progresses.


Send the 128GB SD card back, RetroPie had an update a while back to support using external USB HDDs. You'll get more storage for your money going that way, use the 32GB as the "OS drive" for RetroPie. Your "Roms" folder can live on the HDD and all video previews and artwork will live in that folder on the drive as well.

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Thanks for the reply and all the info.   I actually fixed the problem with the joysticks.   Had one of the pieces upside down.  Again, newbie mistakes.   LOL

Thanks also for the heads up for what to post and not to post on the site.  My apologies.   Definitely wasn't trying to step on any rules of the forum.   

So at this point Im not sure what to do.   Ive seen the tutorials of hyperspin and it looks great.   But it sounds like buying the raspberry pi was not the right move if i want hyperspin.   I'm not opposed to sending the raspberry back as I got it on amazon and can do so.  I'm also not opposed to getting a computer tower and going that route.   I just have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and the difference between the two.  Can you lay it out for me in generic terms.   Or maybe direct me to a video that will break it down in the most basic form.   Kids are dying to start playing games and I want to get it up and running.   Also want to get as many games as possible on it or have the ability to add later.

Thanks again for any info.

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you can not run Hyperspin under any circumstances on a raspberry pi  but you can run Hypespin themes on a PI through attract mode, 

that is what I'm doing

I'm running Hyperpsin themes for my Main Menu and  Attract mode themes for the sub menu

(I had to rebuild allot of the themes so that they would run on the PI, themes with allot of flash components.)





Some advice though

it looks like you are building a Lamborghini and if you put a PI in it.  You are essentially adding a 1970s VW Bug engine to your Lamborghini.

I love my PI,  its where I play most of my console games on.  But its very limited on what it can run. its recommended that you run a MAME version from 2003

an older version of MAME is recommended for the PI Zero.


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6 hours ago, dsasfai said:

Thanks for the reply and all the info.

No worries, I know what you meant by the SDcard being preloaded with NOOBs etc. No need to apologise it was just to save you any "grief" in the future on forums. I'm glad you sorted the arcade controls. I'd hope they have a USB controller (ipac etc) rather than being used with GPIO pins on the RPI, as they would be more versatile that way to work on other devices.

I have nothing against the RPI they are very cool, there are lots of fun projects that can be done. The whole point of them is to get kids excited about technology and inspire them to learn. I'm not saying it was a bad purchase as it too could be reused down the line to do something else with the kids.

32assassin's Pi setup is very nice but as he gives away, it was a lot of work to get it looking like that. My "issue" with AM was all these Youtube channels and websites pushing images to download, when at that time it was "broken". Hardware video encoding (MAL) wasn't enabled, forcing the CPU to do all the work & the RPI would get VERY hot. Of course none of them mentioned that, it should be resolved by now but it's still something to be aware of and check if you choose to use it. A guy called David Marti did a Project called Motion Blue you might want to check into. It is supplied with NO games but it's Hyperspin compliant, meaning games that you use on it would also work with a Hyperspin setup if you upgrade the Cab down the line.

If I was you, I'd just setup RetroPie to get it working quick and keep the kids happy with it but stay active on here to learn about Hyperspin. Yes the RPI is limiting to what can be done as an arcade but by the time the kids have "outgrown" it, you will have learned enough to upgrade the cab to something better. You don't need a "ninja" PC to do emulation, I do a lot with Nvidia's Shield TV as well. Honestly I find the Shield easier to work with than the RPI and Hyperspin is compatible with it. It's a solid option between the RPI and a PC. I'll link a video to my current setup with it below. All the best with it my friend :)


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