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Making a HyperSpin cabinet


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Hi there! Im thinking of making a hyperspin cabinet but i have alot of questions. 

I want basically everything so im thinkinng of buying a 16tb NAS to store everything. Would i be able to use the nas in different computers? So basically the cabinet would play general games but still having acess to everything and i could play for example wii u on my bedroom.

Would a g4560 and a 1050ti hold um majority of the games? Doesnt need to run on max, as this is the system im going to put in a cabinet.

Also how much time would it take to basically fill all the 16tb? Like 1 month? I was also thinking of buying pre configured from a guy called **** ***** but i heard he has bad rep. But still i dont wanna waste more than 1 month filling it all up.

Thank you guys for your help

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I'm not sure on your specs but they sound fairly solid.

Knowone here will advise buying anything pre configured as its a headace all round.

Your nas will most likely be accessabile from any devise on your network yes.

Also yes it will take you a long while to fill it up but that is part of this hobby. Finding hidden gems and playing the games of your past.

Good luck with your project.

I removed the name you quoted although i think it was incorrect but still we will not promote anyones name related to drive selling full stop.

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Hi. Thank you for your help.

Well yes filling the hard drive is fun but it can get annoying as i may not have all the time in the world avaiable. And yes i understand that you cut the name. But im still thinking if i should buy it or not. I understand thats not worth it but, as i already said, i might not have all the time in the world.

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It might save you time in downloading, but most of those drives don't work out of the box and you might find yourself trying to diagnose issues that you cannot comprehend and will not get assistance with from many people here. 

Also are you going to actually play the 100,000's of games available? 

I have 40,000+ that fit onto a 3TB Hard Drive with Hyperspin and Media just fine.. 

You might find it easier just starting with a single system like MAME which should over roughly 4000 arcade games. 

Then work through consoles etc.

Add some PC Games if you have a system like that etc.  I find if there is a PC Version it usually runs better on a PC than any emulated version. 


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The drives really only serve on true purpose and that's getting all the roms and media instantly..hyperspin and rocketlauncher are a bitch to set up if you don't know what your doing. It's not hard, not hard at all but YOU NEED TO KNOW. you won't know anything if you buy a pre config drive.

If you gave  me the roms and media I could set up a system on hyperspin in 5 minutes it's that easy. But you only learn by adding the systems yourself one by one. 

Buying a drive is basically throwing yourself in the deep end with a half configured system with no knowledge of even the simplest fixes, you'll never be happy with it and it will never 100% work correctly.

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