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Best N64 Core?

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Getting ready to set up my N64 wheel and was wondering which is the best core to use?  Retroarch currently has 2 different mupen and 1 parralel core, none that match up with the Android Settings file using glupen64 :



And what is the issue with nightly builds and how do they work exactly?  Is there one on the Play store that is the best choice...don't mind paying.  If so, how would I set up the reference to the exe to the purchased emulator?  Thanks again & happy gaming!!! :)  Also, how does the control layout work (considering the N64 controller had the trigger on the handle)...is there a special remap involved?

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I don't emulate N64 much at all.

from my time about I believe glupen64 core has been renamed. Just asked in Discord for details.

I believe the most recommended emulator on Shield is Mupen64-FZ

there should be an exes line in the forum if you search if not I use the app QuickshortcutMaker to inspect what's needed and then go from there.

I grabbed it from the Playstore on my phone and used APK Extractor to get the APK then sideloaded it to the shield.

Nightly Builds of Retroarch? Those can be downloaded from buildbot.libretro and side loaded onto the Shield. Play store only has the latest stable build which in this case should not matter much.

not used Mupen64-FZ myself yet as have not got around to N64 emulation because of the messy state lol.

controls is personal preference but remapping will be needed to get this C keys and the Z trigger

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I use Mupen64Plus FZ. You can install directly from the google play store on the shield. It will do the N64 and the N64DD games. I'm pretty sure I manually configured the controls rather than use the auto settings.

N64.ini snippet...
rompath=/storage/emulated/0/Hyperspin/Roms/Nintendo 64/

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