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The Downloads section is back and better than ever! If you spot something out of place, let us know.

WIP: New/First cabinet build.


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Hey fellow HyperSpinners! I bet you all thought Zac and I fell off of the face of the Earth huh?

Well, here's a little update for you all. :)

We picked up some caster wheels, tilted the arcade on it's back with an appliance dolly, and installed them.






After inistalling the wheels, we tilted the arcade back up, then cut and installed the pegboard on the back.



We're hoping to get into wiring up the control panel soon. In the spring we'll probably tackle the painting.

We're also going to install some sort of door on the lower back of the arcade for access to the electronics.

We're still alive, and we'll keep you posted as things progress!



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I know some of the pictures on this thread are broken. Zac is going to fix the issue. This project isn't dead, just neither one of us has had the time to work on it. Good news though, I now have a house w/ a heated garage :) So, come winter time, I'm hoping we'll have some updates on this or our HS-NES machine... This has been the never-ending arcade project lol...

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