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The Downloads section is back and better than ever! If you spot something out of place, let us know.

WIP: New/First cabinet build.


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Thanks. I wish it was done :laugh: But, finding the time, and taking our time has made it a slow project. Slow and steady wins the race, right :turtle: ?

We have been working on this project for a year now... can you believe that? heh, a year has gone by since we started! It'll be sooooo worth it when it's finished though. I'm itching to get the buttons and sticks all hooked up so Zac and I can play it without the keyboard :top::laugh: I'm pretty sure this weekend we'll be working on the marquee lights, maybe the plexi for the marquee and/or control panel, and getting some measurements for artwork...

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So I made Ray help me clean up the garage a little bit - built some shelving so that wasted some time.

We mounted the control panel to the cabinet. We had to modify our existing design slightly.





A place to set down some 2x4 mounts. Which will be mounted inside the control panel.






Couple clamps on each side, accesible through the coin door make it easily removable.



Next we needed to fill in the bottom part of the control panel so it didn't have a huge gap on the overhang sides.




Then we decided to load it up with buttons to see what it looked like. Layout feels good :)

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Those latches worked out very well. They were perfect for our setup. The control panel is locked down nice and tight with them there as well. No moving around at all.

Zac and I were just teasing ourselves by putting in all the buttons and joysticks... I think we are going to use the bottom 3 Player 1 buttons for the trackball MAME games. I know MAME allows you to setup each game's settings individually, so we figured we didn't "need" more buttons specifically for the trackball... anyone have any reasons why this might be an issue? (other than not having mouse buttons, which isn't a problem because we can remote into the machine over our wireless network)

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Got some updates. Been putting it off for awhile but decided I was sick of the ugly white plug coming out the back from the power strip. Looked out of place and was too short.






Looks over kill, but it sure is sweet lol Used a 15' 14awg appliance chord wired into a pvc box with tubing.

Up front for the control panel we have two usb devices (ipac and trackball) - so we wired up two USB ports up front.


Next up - lighting for the marquee. We have our own power supply for these lights and another output on the power supply for the lights in the coin buttons.

I work for a convenience store which has 300+ ATMs in our stores. I have some friends in our department that maintains the ATMs and they bought a bunch of used ATMs for parts - the used ones came with a marquee with LED lights in it. 4 strips are part of a "set"- We used 4 sets. The ATMs only used one.

These suckers are bright.

So Ray was in charge of finding a way to mount the lights. We bounced a bunch of ideas back and forth and then found this reflexive "bubble wrap" stuff.


And some aluminum tape. This is what Ray came up with. It works well - we need to add some to the sides.



From the back


Wired up - we're both a big fan of organized wiring. So we've put some time into that detail of not having a disorganized wire mess.



Next up -flip the power switch. We taped in the LEDs and then said "I hope it works because undoing all this will suck" lol

An "out of focus" shot of the lights


And a direct shot of the light


They are extremely bright. I looked at the lights and flipped the switch and it had me seeing spots afterward heh. Hope it doesn't wash out the marquee.

Stay tuned for more updates once Ray can help further :) Next up I think we're going to tackle the plexi glass on the top of the control panel and finish tabbing that up.

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Zac and I did some work on our HS cab over the weekend. It all started out great, but we had a setback or two...

First we started by finishing the reflective surface for the marquee LED lights:




Then we decided to take a trip to home depot and get some plexiglas for the top of our control panel and our marquee.

We started sizing it up and getting ready to cut it (using a scoring tool)


** Make sure you wear some gloves if you're going to try snapping plexi by hand after scoring it. Zac cut is finger pretty good during this process. If it were real glass, we probably would have been taking a trip to the ER to have his thumb sewn back on. **


Everything was going great...


....until this happened :(


We were drilling holes through the plexi and into the control panel when the drill bit pulled up on the plexi and snapped the corner off... We think this happened because we tried drilling a smaller hole first, then used a larger bit after... We drilled all of the other holes needed, even though our control panel top was ruined, using just the larger drill bit and had no issues with the other holes.

Luckily the piece of plexi we purchased was large enough to have a leftover piece big enough for us to do this all over again. We're just going to have to buy another smaller piece for making the marquee plexi now.

We then moved on to installing the T-Nuts on the bottom of the control panel. The plexi on the top of the control panel is going to be held down by counter sunk philips screws screwed into the T-Nuts through the 3/4 inch control panel wood.



Hopefully we'll get another weekend to work on this before Christmas. Our next day working on this will involve us re-cutting a new plexi top for our control panel, test mounting it w/ the screws/t-nuts, and maybe cutting the piece(s) of plexi for the marquee.

We'll be sure you keep you updated as the project unfolds! :top:

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Winter sucks. I know there haven't been any updates on our project in a while. There is no heat out in Zac's garage and it's been too cold out to work on this thing. We're probably getting together this weekend to work on putting up some insulation in the garage. After the insulation's up, the next investment might be a woodstove... or some other type of heater :top:

Currently our arcade has some old parts in it. It's got an older Asus motherboard, a Socket 478 P4 3gHz processor, and 3GB of Mushkin BlueLine RAM...

I've been eye-balling some new parts to replace the rather dated ones we currently have. Here's what I was looking at:







What are you guys running for an Intel processor? Is the Core i3 more than I need? Would a Sandy Bridge dual core Pentium run HyperSpin and the emulators just as well? I'm sure there is somewhat of a performance difference, I was just wondering if I'd just be better off spending the extra cash for the i3 or saving the $40 - $50 and going with something like this:


Let us know what you think.



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I would spend the extra $60 and get an i5-2400. the i3 has hyper-threading. Which isn't recommended for emulation or anything processor intensive. Spend the $60 get 2 more actual cores of processing power instead of having to disable a feature. just my 2cents

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Well hot dog HyperSpin is back! (Although this site is nearly unusable with the speed of it for me right now? Assume it's being crushed.).

We cut our plexi for our control panel and marquee.

Ray and I mirrored our progress on our blog with a new update.




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HyperSpin's new site is nice :) Great job :top:

Anyway, now that HyperSpin-fe.com is running full speed here are the updates from last weekend:

As Zac previously stated, we cut out 2 pieces of plexiglass for our marquee.

I think we are going to use both pieces to "sandwich" our marquee artwork.

The other thing we did was re-cut a new plexiglass top for our control panel.

If you remember, previously, we broke off a corner on our first attempt.


This was our 2nd attempt at it


The 2nd time we made sure we were careful and took our time.

We also counter drilled the holes we made for the screws, which will hold on the plexiglass top, so that they sit flush with the plexiglass.


As you may recall from a previous post we installed T-nuts on the opposite side of the control panel top.

Zac and I weren't happy with the way this made the control panel top sit on the control panel box, so we removed them all and counter drilled holes for them to sit in.

They now sit flush with the bottom of the control panel.



Zac screwed the plexiglass in place, we flipped over the control panel, clamped it down, and very carefully drilled the holes for the buttons and joysticks through the plexiglass from the back side.


Here, as Zac previously posted, we made sure everything fit together well. Next we have to cut out a hole in the plexiglass for the trackball.


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Zac and I got together over the weekend for a few hours to work on our machine.

Here's what we accomplished.

We put Zac's router to some good use cutting the hole in our control panel plexi for our trackball.

We did this by using the custom trackball plate as a guide for the router.


After this was done, we cut the slot around the control panel top for our T-molding.


We slightly off-centered the cut around the control panel top to cover up the added thickness of our control panel plexiglass.

We didn't have too much time to work on it this weekend, unfortunately, but what we did get done came out great :)

We're both looking forward to warm enough weather to paint this beast :top:


(yes, that was a Rangers Hockey game playing on the arcade while we were working on it.)


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