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Is it possible to hide the wheel?


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Hi all,

When I select Future Pinball is it possible to hide the wheel as the game theme displays. And then show the wheel again as you scroll up or down. 

So you would scroll to a game on the wheel, let go and the wheel would disappear as the theme shows?

Is that possible does anyone know?

Thanks :)

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That's great SupraKarma. Thanks. Probably should have sussed that one myself but appreciate the help none-the-less :)


** Edit ** for anyone finding this topic with the same question the setting is called "Alpha" and it is in the Wheel tab (after selecting the specific wheel you want it to apply to). It's a horizontal slider on that tab and you drag the slider all the way to the left - down to '0'.

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Just thought I would mention there is also a little known way to hide only the wheels that aren't currently selected also in case that suits your needs. (If your not sure what I mean take a look at the screenshots for my nes theme here.)

Open the "'whichever wheel your using system name'.ini" in the 'hyperspin/settings' folder and make these edits.


small_alpha = 0

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