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Mortal Kombat 7 Button CPO for HS


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Hey Guys since im still waitng for my PC im doing some stuff in PS on my girlfriends Eeepc (crap) im working on a dedicated MK CPO for a friend that i'm building from scratch in vector so it looks as close to the original as possible,

when its done everybody on the forum can download the psd file to alter it to you needs, i still got alot to do but ill do my best on this thing.

will keep you updated i got some more cpo design laying around and i will post all the psd files in the future for users do download




New 7 Button Layout


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Dude..this is awesome. Did you make it yourself?

Yep :D, i'm gonna vector the whole thing, ive seen some cabinets with a mk 6 button layout,they just drill 2 holes extra where the block button is and it just doesnt look right so a custom one for Hyperspin i wil add some more buttons in the top of the cpo for favourites and genre ect.

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Thanks for posting this. This turned out fantastic. I am doing my MK cabinet with 7 buttons, this is exactly what I needed. I was looking around for a customer version with the words above the buttons and not the pictures but this is even better. Great work. Your recent update to the MK theme was amazing as well.

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That looks amazing... I just picked up a Mortal Kombat II cabinet that has a street fighter alpha CP and overlay... six buttons similarly laid out like your overlay. I would love to use your overlay if you could post a high quality version... It looks like you put some real work into it.

I'm just getting into this.. my first post, and the first of many sleepless nights.

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