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  1. Haha, pretty much described me there. I mean, I had big life events to turn my attention too in the last year, but one of the side effects of that was being able to actually play the games and it was great. I have so much crap on my rig that I know I'll never finish or play with, and I'm half tempted to delete all that junk and finish it off as it sits right now.
  2. Loving everything I'm seeing, wow! Keep it up! You totally inspired me to get red leg protectors for my P2K now. Matches the t-molding perfectly.
  3. Wow, that's looking awesome already. A VS. bartop... brilliant!
  4. Wow, that was heartbreaking to see. So sorry man. Glad you are taking a positive spin on it though! I feel your pain, albeit on a much smaller scale. Our basement had a very minor, 1 inch flood, but my arcade was in pieces and sitting in/near it for probably a few hours. I don't think anything warped, I believe the laminate protected the MDF somewhat, but I guess I'll find out whenever I can put humpty dumpty back together again. Good luck and keep posting pics of your amazing work (but with no water damage next time )
  5. Came out very nice, great job! Did you make the start up and intro yourself? Also, the intro vid is private and I can't view it. Maybe its an iPad thing. The start up video worked just fine though.
  6. That's awesome man, congrats and best of luck to you! Btw, I haven't forgotten about your offer to make my wiring harness. My builds are all on pause, as we are having work done to our basement, but you will certainly have my business. We'll be in touch!
  7. Artwork looks great. Where is that thing holed up? Looks like the back room of a Game Stop or PC parts store.
  8. Artwork looks amazing! I love Indy, and I love this cab art lol. I'm still a big fan of the alt back box image, with the temple of doom Indy, but you're right, the crusade art fits the theme of your cab better. Looking forward to seeing it all applied to your actual cab.
  9. Awesome, Greg! Good luck with the business expansion.
  10. Those doodles are awesome. Can't wait to see the final product! Shark looks cool too.
  11. Now that is what I would call "future pinball", wow.
  12. Agreed 110%! Just seeing a video of this game blows my mind, you did an amazing job Bill. If it never gets released, it would be a shame, but I think most people would understand the situation you're in. Disney is no joke. Regardless they can't stop me from building my own FiF cab. Just looking for an empty Nintendo cab to work with.
  13. I'm not using HyperPin yet, but I will once my cab is complete. Once donations are started, please count me in. Is be happy to support this initiative any way that I can.
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