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  1. Agreed 110%! Just seeing a video of this game blows my mind, you did an amazing job Bill. If it never gets released, it would be a shame, but I think most people would understand the situation you're in. Disney is no joke. Regardless they can't stop me from building my own FiF cab. Just looking for an empty Nintendo cab to work with.
  2. Thats awesome. From the pics it looks like a real working coin door. Excellent work and bonus points for creativity!
  3. Wow. Why I couldn't have planned a Disney trip this year, and not last year.
  4. Bunch of Crees and heat sinks over on eBay as well.
  5. That looks sick Zab, wow. Totally want to add that to my cab as well.
  6. Ok BBB I'm officially excited again! Looking forward to seeing this in action and hopefully getting to play it one day. I've never been exposed to the arcade version outside of what was shown in the movie.
  7. It's the site's auto-spam filter, it's happening a lot lately. Anyway, looks like someone approved your post. Thanks for the update!
  8. Is that a kit from mikesarcade.com, or a refurbished Nintendo cab? Looks brand spanking new all around!
  9. Very excited to see the final result Bill. Good luck with it!
  10. Sick, thank you Rick! I take it it's sized appropriately for a Nintendo cab already?
  11. That is amazing news! I just finished reading the whole thread, I'm totally going to send him a donation. Thanks for the link!
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