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Clicking Mushroom (Like button) for content.

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Calling all Hyperspinners,

Just a mention to everyone that is NOT aware to click the like button (Mushroom) when you download content, rather than just downloading everything and then doing one.

A small, select group of hard working people on this forum supply us with tons of stuff and probably out of 100 downloads, get 2 likes !!

Without it mine and everyone else's Hyperspin setup would be as bland as F***

So think on before they all disappear, due to lack of appreciation.

It's not that difficult to CLICK YOUR MOUSE on that little mushroom as a sign of your appreciation is it ?

I myself do not post that much, this is more for the hard working people that keep Hyperspin alive year after year for all our benefits.

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What if each person made just one media, boy would we have full media in no time. Take the 550 missing nes themes. It would take me a year or two to do it I’m sure but with a band of others it would go quick. Did a theme in an hour

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