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Bartop USB Speaker Volume Knob


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Hi Guys,

I'm using USB speakers in my bartop build and I've been searching high and low for a USB Volume Knob that would have the ability to change the computer's volume settings. I finally found something that looks like it will work, and will also be easily mountable:


Has anyone seen/used this? Looks pretty sweet!


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I went the other direction with my bartop build. I disassembled my speakers and mounted the uncased speaker cones to the panel under the marquee and the controller board for the speakers in the center with the volume knob protruding thru. Windows stays on 100% volume and the speaker knob controls the volume output of the speakers.

I believe the K.I.S.S. theory should be used as much as possible in a build like this. The less parts you use the less can go wrong with your build.


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