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New Pin Cabinet Hyperspin/Hyperpin?


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OK so I'm looking for a bit if guidance please.

A few years ago I built an arcade cabinet and used HyperSpin, I worked great so this year I decided to build a Pinball cabinet (picture of the build so far below)

I'm waiting on a few things to get it finished so I thought it was a good time to update and refresh the Arcade machine (as it's not had much use for a while). Whilst trying to get my head back into the arcade setup rather than Pinball I noticed that there seems to be support for Pinball emulators etc. within Hyperspin/Hyperpin.

Would either of these be a good option for my Pinball cabinet? I've got a 3 screen setup (Playfield, DMD/Topper and Back glass), I've got the emulators (VPX and Future Pinball) just about sorted, I love the Hyperspin front end on the Arcade especially with the Hypersync etc. I know there are other front ends for the Pinball cabinets but if I can keep both machines on the same setup it "should" be easier for me to manage.

Thanks in advance. 


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neither of those is a good option

HyperSpin only has support for one monitor

HyperPin has not been updated in years

(this is a knock on Hyperespin). The difference is that  it does not support Rocketlauncher and the current launcher does not support FX2/3

or any of the other Steam Pinball Games you will find.

for you  it only has support for 2 monitors so your DMD and Topper would be black.

if you had a 2 monitor cab with no DMD or Topper and did not care for FX2/3 or any other Steam based pinball games ,  this might be an 




Your Better Options are



and the most "fancy"   Pinup Popper  ---->   if you choose PinballY  or PinballX   some tables will need you to install this in the background as they require Pinup Player.

Pinup Player will also give you the ability to play PUp Packs  (replace your active Backglass with   a video based backglass)

again you can choose PinballX or PinballY  and have Pinup Player installed in the background.



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Thanks for the reply and information, I had already been playing with Pinup Popper but when I remembered how easy the media etc was to get on Hyperspin I had a moment of OOoooOOoo....I wonder???

Ah well back to plan A 😁..


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Pinup Popper will let you download media for each table you have.

it will also let you auto record the backglass, Playfield and DMD videos.

something you should do.  Unlike MAME or any other video game  you have in Hyperspin.

Visual Pinball and Future Pinball tables are always being updated with better and better resources.

at some point we where playing this table



witch looks good   but  if you compare it to the more current version



Long story short,  you should always record your own videos (so that they match the table you have) and use the Pinup Media downloader for wheels and other media that does not change as you updated your table or dB2s .

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