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Upgrade Hardware and move Installation


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Basically i don't want loose my Hyperspin installation...(emulator and some pc Games) after an Hardware migration (new mobo, processor)....

Anybody have some tips help or link (if its possible do that).

I want upgrade from my old ONBOARD MOBO CPU to new AMD APUs and MOBO for increase performance!

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I did this for a mate.

Backed up all HS stuff, emus, games, artwork - everything.

Built new PC and copied stuff back.

As long as the drives and paths are the same everything should work fine.

Ok Hyperspin don't need installation...but for some program who required? like DOS emulator....

I place the same identical OS but i don't think i could replace my clone backup in the new one...i need a software who check the difference between two hardware.

thanks for help me!

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You will have issues with a few emulators. You will especially have issues TTX and other emulators that need to be installed with a setup rather than from a ZIP file. This is why I kept every emulator setup file I download in a source folder so I know which emulators are gonna give me headaches if my PC dies. :)

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