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Tekken 3 pedestal conversion


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I am pretty far along on my project so I thought I would share some pics, and say thanks to everyone here. You have all helped me out TREMENDOUSLY.

I wanted a pedestal so I could use my TV, and also move it around when not in use. I found an old Tekken 3 cab that was the style of the pic below someone was throwing away, and was in bad shape. I removed the front monitor part and got to work on it




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Alright, You've got quite a project on your hands. It'd be great for Capcom CPS / Naomi games in that regard since EVERYONE loves to use these in arcades that still exist all around the world. It's A Conversion cab, but without 10x the hassle of swapping the games every time. Congrats, you deserved it, rdhanded2!

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